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power poleTime for something new;

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Camp light solutions have evolved a lot in the last few years and LED camp lights have been a clear winner. From flexible weather proof packs to the rigid LED strips made famous by Korr.

Now John from Lightstorm L.E.D has taken camp lights to the next level with the Australian built “Powerpole”. Setting up you lighting is now as instant as fitting your tent pole.

The versatility is ideal for Campers, due to the strength of the pole you can use it as a vertical support for your tent or camper, As a spreader bar to give you great light and stop sagging in the roof at the same time or you can clip it between your upright poles.

John Says;

As a bonus it comes with a dimmer control to control the amount of light needed and also to save on battery life.

At only .65 of an amp these highly efficient camp lights won’t burn a hole in your power supply. The Lightstorm L.E.D Powerpole is engineered to keep your campsite bright, At 1000 lumens they pack a real punch.

Careful consideration has also been made to the colour spectrum. The research team at Lightstorm L.E.D have chosen a vibrant 6000 kelvin temperature. The gives you a bright light that is comfortable on the eyes.

One of the biggest challenges of using lighting at night-time almost anywhere in Australia is attracting bugs and insects, the unwanted visitors to your campsite. It is not much fun trying to cook a meal with a swarm of insects dropping into your frying pan!

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This is what John from Lightstorm L.E.D had to say;
Taking the UV out of the light can minimise the number of bugs and insects attracted to your lights. LED lights emit significantly less UV than conventional lights. Also the high colour temperature we chose is also very easy on the eyes.


  • Super reliable Samsung 5630 SMD LED Chips
  • Super Bright, 1000 lumens
    • An impressive 200 Lux at 2-3 Metres
  • Hard Structural Aluminium for superior strength
    • a mighty 1.2 – 1.5 mm wall thickness
  • Anodised finish for protection from the harsh environment
  • Yellow Zinc coated end fittings
  • Design and built in Australia

The team from Lightstorm L.E.D are taking back orders now, Stock is expected to arrive in February. Trade/Wholesale and club enquiries are also welcome.

COMPETITION !! All pre-orders, general enquiries, and trade enquiries go into a draw to win a free Lightstorm L.E.D Powerpole to be drawn at the end of February. Winners will be announced via email and Facebook.

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Trade enquiries also welcomed

Simply fill out the form below and you will be in the draw to WIN …. For pre-orders and wholesale enquiries a distributor of Power Pole will contact you within 24 hours.

Please use the comment box for special instructions such as best time to call, special requirements and your address to calculate freight in advance saving you time.


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