Led Camp Light – Product Review

For a safe and comfortable camping trip, good campsite lighting is essential. There are a number of lighting options available but getting more light has a challenge. How to get more light but with less insects?

LED Camping Lights! 

1: Attract less bugs and insects

One of the biggest challenges of using lighting at night-time almost anywhere in Australia is attracting bugs and insects, the unwanted visitors to your campsite. It is not much fun trying to cook a meal with a swarm of insects dropping into your frying pan!
Taking the UV out of the light can minimise the number and type of bugs and insects attracted to your lights. This High Colour Temperature is also easy on the eyes. LED lights emit significantly less UV than conventional lights.
That sounds great, LED Lights attract less bugs, but what I want to take it to the next level?

Bugs, mosquito’s and the colour spectrum

Bugs are most active at twilight, this is when the blue colour spectrum is strongest.

Color breaks down into three main categories know as RGB, As you can see in this colour chart Red and Green are at opposite ends of the spectrum to blue.

Red emits the highest UV, making Green the one colour which emits the least UV and is the most removed from blue.

Green LED camp light strips ( Like this one ) will give you the most bug free environment possible without using dangerous chemicals.

2: Save Power with minimal current draw.

When you are out camping minimising power consumption is high priority. Use your battery power wisely. LED camping lights can use only 75% less power than traditional lighting. LEDs have an extremely good light output for their size and power consumption.
Washing up with the bright clear light from LEDs means less chance of finding any surprises on your plates the following morning!

3: Use them around wet areas without worry.

led camp light stack

Because LEDs are small, long-lasting and run cool they can be encased in silicon or polymer materials and made waterproof. This makes LED Camping lights are great for outdoors use where they can be exposed to water, spray or mist.

4: Pack and transport easily.

LED Camping Lights can be made compact and rugged so transporting them is a breeze. They are far superior at surviving drops and bumps. Look for LED lights that are supplied with their own rugged carry cases.
The latest in LED Camp light are flexible, making them truly easy to stash away and practically un-breakable.
These make transporting easier because the light is protected and the cable can be rolled up alongside the LED Strip.

5: Never replace bulbs again!

LEDs have an exceptionally long bulb life. LEDs are rated for up to 10,000 hours of service. So you’ll never have to replace another bulb again!
LED Camp Light street green2
LED Camping Lights (like this one above) Meet all the criteria and more.
  • Velcro backing so they can be placed in the top of tents or awnings.
  • Dimmer switch to control the brightness
  • Extra long cable
  • Available in Green, Cool White and Warm White (yellow tinge)

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