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Welcome to Get Good Gear, The team here is dedicated to provided a professional, non bias, information source for customers wanting the best products for the best return on investment in their 4WD.
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Waterproof, Mudproof Crockproof  !

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Other winches claim “waterproof” or “sealed,” but the latest range of winches from VRS were independently lab tested and certified to the IP68 standard. Although the VRS contactor (Winch relay) kits have been water proof ( IP68 ) for a while now, VRS has now taken it to the next level.


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Time for something new;

Camp light solutions have evolved a lot in the last few years and LED camp lights have been a clear winner. From flexible weather proof packs to the rigid LED strips made famous by Korr.

Now John from Lightstorm L.E.D has taken camp lights to the next level with the Australian built “Powerpole”. Setting up you lighting is now as instant as fitting your tent pole.

(Giveaway competition at the end of the article)


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ggg reviewed HEMA

The New HEMA Explorer App, A must have?

The Hema app for you iPhone and iPad has been very well received. Having HEMA Australiawide mapping service on your iPad for a fraction of the price of a dedicated navigator is a “no-brainer”. Check it out here : iTunes 4WD Map

But like there dedication to keeping their maps up to date, the team at HEMA have delivered a new, lightweight and fun app AND at an even lower price!


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birdsville power easy

Birdsville Hotel Dual Battery Kit

The JTS Power Easy range are portable battery solutions that give you more options than ever before. Available in three formats; Base, Isolator and DC-DC.

The isolator dual battery system has been made even better with a signature series created especially for the Birdsville Hotel RFDS fund 2014 fund raiser.


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LED Light Bar comparison

One of the key things we picked up during this comparison is the massive difference between light bars. Certainly not all bars are created equal, and while most of us want to label a “winner” the real fact is every bar had a strength in a different area.

Depending on wether you are chasing distance, spread or low speed off road light, the team at Get Good Gear hope this article helps you to consider the whole package when choosing the right light bar for you.

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With less than a month to go before submissions close for the Stockton Beach Management plan (17.02.14), Roothy and the Unlock Australia team are currently putting together a letter that best sums up what we think is the best solution for all Aussie Bush lovers. This is vitally important to get across as the current plan limits access and will result in further closures going ahead. Its a first step down a very steep cliff that will ultimately end in us loosing access for good.  READ MORE

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baja moistureblock

Latest from Baja Designs … Moisture Block

“The elements play a huge toll on auxiliary lighting, meaning that there is almost always going to be a circumstance that is less than adequate,” says founder and Chief Engineer Alan Roach.

“Our new MoistureBlock™ system has taken away the headache that terrain and weather can often cause with having a completely customizable light that is also 100% waterproof,” says Roach.

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The perception has always been that driving lights need to throw light as far down the road as they can in order to be of most benefit to the driver. In order to gain this sought after distance effectively, light is concentrated and contained to a single pencil beam, as a result sacrificing the spread of light.      READ MORE

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