Solar panels exposed!

Watts, amps, voltages, PWM, MPPT, Mono, Poly …. the list goes on. It appears there is more smoke and mirrors in solars panel than there is in diesel chips or LED Light bars … and that is saying something.

As with any industry there are those who play fair with marketing and educating customers and then there are this who take the smallest figure and blows it up to try and compete with reputable manufacturers.

From Claiming they are Kyocera panels (because maybe some of the raw cells used came from a c grade bin in a Kyocera factory) through to selling big wattage figures that mean diddly squat when your measure the true amps being delivered to the battery.

Due to the influx of home solar there is an abundance of cheaper solar panels that are designed to create high wattage figures at minimum amperage.

There is a lot to consider when deciding what panel is right for you, over the coming weeks the Get Good Gear team will be doing a number of articles about what to look for when considering a folding kit.

For the astute 4WD camper what we really care about at the end of the day is the true amps making its way back to our battery. No scientific or theoretical”jargon”, just tell me how long I can stay away form the rat race and still keep my beer cold.

Over the coming weeks we compare brand on brand and give you a buyers guide for you to make an educated decision on your next solar panel purchase.

Just consider, a panel is not made cheaper to make less profit…. they are made cheaper by using cheap components.

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