Improving car fuel consumption

Article Credit: Geoff Surtees  C/-

Whether you are driving a large car, a small car, a diesel car that has a range of 1000km, in the back of your mind you are concerned about rising fuel prices, and wanting to see how improving car fuel consumption will save you dollars at the bowser. When you research this subject you will find that there may be a number of fuel additives which will temporarily clean the motor, there is an option to buy a smaller car which is more fuel efficient(and this could be a false economy), or you can start troubleshooting at the heart of the car, which is under the bonnet.

CarWorldNetwork Member Bill Sheather, an Automotive engineer has been researching this topic for most of his career and has evaluated the options and is offering an option to improving fuel economy. This is a device which sits in the engine bay, so it’s a permanent fixture, and therefore operates with the engine for the as long as you own the car.

How does a fuel catalyst work? when you go to the petrol station, the fuel you have filled up with, may have been refined at it’s absolute peak. The moment that you fill the car with petrol(or diesel) in the fuel tank, it starts it’s degrading process, which is why it is so important to ensure you constantly have fresh fuel in your car.

Improving Car Fuel Consumption

Improving Car Fuel Consumption with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst

This is installed to interact with the fuel before it is ignited in the combustion process. This is applicable for both petrol and diesel engines, which is a added advantage to those with either engines, as Bill know’s his stuff about both types of systems.  Before the fuel enters the engine, it travels through this system, and passes between the pellets(which are housed inside a frame) and the magnets.

The catalyst consists of specially designed metal alloy pellets, which are designed so they do not enter through to the inside of your engine. Once in contact with the pellets, the petrol becomes optimised, and improves the combustion cycle in the engine. The result aims to give you more performance, but lowers the car fuel consumption, compared to if you did not have the device fitted.

Bill has been installing the catalyst into all sorts of cars, both new and old, and as I mentioned before, both petrol and diesel. The standard claims is that it can save you approximately 1 litre per hundered kilometres, however, if you contact Bill Sheather, he can give you feedback from customers who are receiving far better figures than the standard. So if you are driving a lot of kilometres every year, and you are researching the topic, get Bill on the phone at 0411 573 944, before you start looking at additives and other options … it could save you a packet!

Article Credit: Geoff Surtees  C/-