Rogue MOLLE Roof Consoles Get Good Gear

Roof M.O.L.L.E Panels

Revolutionize Your Off-Road Experience with Custom 4WD Fitout

Say no to boring with old school plastic roof consoles. Embrace your off-road adventures with our premium range of Roof M.O.L.L.E Panels, specifically designed for the discerning 4WD enthusiast. Each Roof MOLLE Panel, a masterpiece in 4WD Storage Solutions, seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, offering endless options for organization.

Featuring the versatile MOLLE Panel, our roof consoles are tailor-made to enhance the functionality of popular 4WD models, including the iconic Landcruisers and the rugged Mitsubishi Triton. Embrace the spirit of adventure with a custom 4WD fitout that’s as robust and dynamic as your off-road journey.