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At Get Good Gear, we carefully handpick and rigorously test each product that we offer in our online store. Our select range of items is proven by our team to meet our high standards for quality, functionality, and value.

We take pride in curating a collection of products that we believe in, and we are confident that our customers will love them too.

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Offroad Adventure M.O.L.L.E Panels

12V Lithium Kits

LED Camping Lights:

Blue Tooth 4WD Camping Speakers

Get Good Camping Speakers … Keep the party going

Rogue M.O.L.L.E

Rogue M.O.L.L.E By Legendex

Do you need more storage space in your off-road vehicle? This Rogue MOLLE range utilises unused space around your 4×4 to keep cargo securely in place and out of the way.

Anderson Plugs

Anderson plugs offer the simplest and strongest connections. Perfect for your caravan or 12V appliances. Browse our range of Genuine Anderson Power Products

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Your Dollars Making a Difference.

The #TrippleG team at Get Good Gear are proud to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the Variety Bash. Our Bash team of Choice is Bash Car 775

See below for our latest charity fundrasier raffle. All proceeds form our raffles go to charity.