Anderson Plug Pin Holder – Flood Soldering Anderson Plugs


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Anderson Plug Flood Solder Stand for the workshop, home shed or the 4WD Tool Box. Make flood solder simple and straightforward. A simple Anderson plug soldering tool to make the job easier.










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Anderson Plug Pin Holder from the team at Get Good Gear. Our designers have created this simple-to-use soldering stand design to make flood soldering easier than ever. Now there is no excuse, never crimp again with this easy-to-use flood soldering stand for Anderson plugs.

What is flood soldering?

Flood soldering and crimping are two different methods of securing electrical connections, each with its own benefits.

What is the benefit of flood soldering?

The main benefit of flood soldering over crimping Anderson plugs is improved reliability and durability of the connection. Flood soldering provides a stronger and more consistent bond compared to crimping, which can suffer from issues such as wire slippage or inconsistent pressure on the crimp.

Another benefit of flood soldering is the ability to repair damaged connections or replace components without affecting the integrity of the overall connection.

Crimping has been considered a faster and simpler method, which is why the team at Get Good Gear have created the Anderson Plug Soldering Stang. Made from 2mm stainless steel is it heavy enough to remain stable on the bench and has screw holes available for those wanting a more permanent fit.

Ultimately, the choice between flood soldering and crimping depends on the specific requirements of the application and the trade-off between cost, speed, and reliability.

How to Flood Solder your Anderson Plug:

Flood soldering your Anderson plug is now easier than ever using the Get Good Gear stainless steel Anderson pin holder.

  1. Remove the Anderson Plug pins from the Anderson Plug
  2. Place the pins in the GGG Anderson Solder Pin Stand
  3. Pro Tip: Make sure the pins are facing the same way when inserted into the stand
  4. Strip the wire ready to insert it into your Anderson Plug Pin
  5. Using a butane torch, heat the pin one at a time, feeding the solder into the pin
  6. Remove the heat and promptly insert the wire into the Anderson pin, hold while the solder sets.
  7. Using the GGG Solder Stand you can preset up to 4 pins at a time ready to complete 2 Anderson plugs at a time.
Anderson Plug Flood Solder Stand
Anderson Plug Flood Solder Stand for the workshop, home shed or for the 4WD Tool Box







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