It’s a Long Way, But It’s Worth It –

Touring Australia in a Rental Campervan


To most people, there is something quite thrilling about the prospect of hopping in a campervan and travelling all across Australia. The commonwealth nation of Australia is stunningly diverse in its scenery, landscapes and attractions. From the eastern Gold Coast to the southern city of Adelaide, to the western edge of Perth, there is so much to see in Australia, that travelling in a camper can make the experience all the better.

Many travellers from New Zealand and Europe tour Australia in a campervan hire every year. The weather in Australia allows for comfortable driving and picnicking by picturesque beaches almost all year round – a distinct advantage for travellers from places like Europe and the United States. Australia features an impeccable highway system, however, it is truly a country set on a very large scale (roughly the same size as the continental US), and outside of the densely populated cities and coastal areas, it can be a remote landscape, where your own transport is essential.

There are literally countless free or cheap places to camp outside of the major cities. Spending the holidays touring Australia in a camper is extremely cost-effective, fun, and an experience that will last a lifetime. The expense of airfare, hotels and accommodation can be rolled into one dramatically reduced amount by touring in a rental motor home. Even native Aussies find that travelling across Oz in a mobile camper can opens a whole new perspective on their native land that they would have otherwise never seen.

Usually, the campervan rental company can supply you with everything needed to travel into remote areas, including GPS, cooking equipment, and sleeping arrangements. Most campers will also provide bed sheets, pillows and quilts all included in the cost of the rental. They will also often include a barbecue or kitchen equipment for cooking. In the event that there are no bathing amenities in-van, most camping spots on the Australian highways offer places for one to shower. The provider will also have a vast knowledge of the travel routes, the local area and all of Australia. The caravans are routinely serviced and maintained to ensure the most comfortable, safe and convenient travel for a tour across Australia. Truly, hiring a campervan for a Grand Australian Tour is a unique experience that can be safe and fun for everyone.

There are some things the traveller should know beforehand. Whilst there are automatic transmission campervans, most will be manual transmission. Typically, the minimum age to rent and drive a vehicle in Australia is twenty-one years old. Additionally, the exact specifications of the vehicle are important. If travelling off the beaten track, is it a 4-wheel drive, off-road vehicle with a snorkel? Is it suitable for youer trip? There are a wide range of campers with many different options to support all the touring Australia has to offer, so making the right vehicle choice is very important and booking early can save quite a bit of money, too.

Touring Australia in a camper van offers limitless possibilities for all travellers. Everyone from young couples to families of four or more can confidently and safely navigate Australia and can explore all Australia has to offer from the comfort of a motor home that can fit the whole family comfortably with all of the comforts of home in a compact package. From Europeans to Kiwis to native Aussies, anyone can tour Australia in a Campervan – it can be a long way, but it is definitely worth it for the experience of a lifetime.

Hugh McInnes is a well-seasoned traveller and loves to share his experiences of travelling and campervan hire. As a guy who’s smart with his money, if there’s one thing he does know a fair bit about, it’s campervan hire in Australia, where he loves to relax and unwind on the open road, while drinking in the diverse scenery.

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