Rachael reviews the Jimny Roof MOLLE Panel

Discover how Rachael, the heart of mumbod4x4, transforms her Suzuki Jimny into an adventure-ready ride for the whole family.

Watch as she expertly outfits her Suzuki Jimny with our cutting-edge Roof MOLLE Panel, transforming it into the ultimate family-friendly explorer. From spontaneous beach trips to scenic mountain getaways, Rachael’s Jimny is proof that with the right gear, the world is your playground. Get ready to be inspired to elevate your own ride and embrace the great outdoors with open arms and a spirit of adventure.


As our journey with Rachael, the inspiring force behind mumbod4x4, comes to a close, it’s clear that adventure isn’t just about where you go—it’s about the memories you create and the bonds you strengthen along the way.

With our Roof MOLLE Panel, your Suzuki Jimny becomes more than a vehicle; it becomes a companion in your family’s adventures, ready to carry your dreams and gear with equal ease. So, what are you waiting for? Follow in Rachel’s tire tracks and transform your Jimny into an adventure-ready ride that’s as limitless as your spirit of exploration. Let the adventures begin!

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