Red Dirt Diesel – Performance Diesel Tuning

Why Choose Red Dirt Diesel’s Performance Tuning Chips:

  • Allows the easy adjustment of engine performance.Optimising air fuel ratios throughout the rev range.
  • Thus increases efficiency with up to 40% more Power, Torque and 15% better Economy.
  • Makes towing and overtaking easier.
  • Great Value! Compared to other popular Chip brands.
  • Installation on most vehicles & models is simple “Plug & Play”.
  • Built-in engine monitoring & fail-safe systems.
  • NO modification exceeds manufacturers specifications! You manufacturers warranty is Safe!*
  • Peace of mind Lifetime parts and labour warranty.*
  • Standard Engine and Driveline warranty for new vehicles.*
  • Warranty underwritten by 3rd party insurance company. Not just the distributor!
  • 60 day trial. If it doesn’t work, return it!*
  • Helps eliminate annoying “flat spots”.
  • Engine is more spontaneous to react on acceleration. 
  • Made in Germany, adapted, & tested to Australian conditions. (User adjustable)
  • 24/7 Specialist Technical Support in Australia. (No overseas call centres!)
  • Transferable to any vehicle with the same injection system.
  • 1000’s of vehicles supported.
  • Lifetime technical support and free software upgrades at no extra cost.*

Who are behind Red Dirt Diesel?

Oomph Automotive Pty Limited is an Australian owned and operated automotive performance parts wholesaler. We import our products from the experienced European manufacturers and distribute them directly to the public through our increasing dealer network.