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The 4wd exhaust market is filled with many different opinions. These mostly centre around pipe size and material choice.

Pipe Size

There are essentially 4 common sizes, 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4 and 3″. Most standard exhaust systems in the diesel 4wd are 2 1/4.

2 1/2″ is common with exhaust companies who either specialise in or have a past experience in petrol naturally aspirated motors. The most Common misconceptions from people who recommend 2/12 is the any larger and you will not have enough back pressure in the exhaust.

The fact is forced induction Diesel engine are not as sensitive to back pressure as naturally aspirated engines are, on top of this more than enough back pressure in created by the turbo housing and factory manifold. This negates any concern about a large exhaust in regards to back pressure.

2 3/4″ exhaust systems have been made popular by Beaudesert exhausts. These systems are a compromise between the 2 1/2″ and 3″ systems.

This brings us the to Roo Systems exhaust of choice. 3″ exhaust systems on a turbo Diesel engine give you the best possible performance all round. 3″ enables you the option of getting the most out of the turbo diesel with a chip or simply giving you the benefit of better economy and lower EGT’s if you choose not to chip your 4wd at first.

A 3″ system gives you the best possible environment for the turbo to spool freely allowing the engine to draw in more air and allowing for the boost to come on sooner. The combination of this makes for a noticeable drop in turbo lag.

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Material choice

Aluminised steel:  is where a mild steel exhaust system in treated with a rust preventative. Significantly more robust than galvinising, Aluminised steel offers a cost effective system. The life expectancy is 5/7 years.

The pros and cons of aluminised and stainless is often discussed. Aluminised steel lasts longer in diesel motors than petrol as they generally have a less corrosive exhaust gas than petrol engines and create less condensation. Historically the Aluminised steel exhaust has also been a considerably cheaper option as many stainless exhaust systems averaged over $2000.00 before Roo Systems came along.

Ultimately as a long term investment the Roo Systems stainless steel system is the best option.

Stainless steel: is exhaust systems with additives in the metal to make it last longer in a corrosive environment. The most common stainless steel in exhaust systems is 304. All Roo Systems exhaust kits are made from 409 grade stainless steel.

The essential difference between 409 and 304 stainless is the chromium content. 304 has a higher chromium content is stay with a polished look longer. Most stainless steel neck tops and petrol exhaust systems are made from 304 stainless.

Where 304 let’s is down in the 4wd market is that as the exhaust system cycles from to cold 304 stainless becomes brittle. Although it will not rust over time it will crack and fatigue.

304 also must be tig welded and can only be welded to the same grade stainless. This means if you are in remote area with only standard property station materials to get you out of trouble you most likely will find yourself in a tight spot.

With most 4wd’s going off road on a regular basis and facing rough terrain and corrugations, 304 is clearly not the best choice in material.

409 Grade stainless is the material of choice for the Roo Systems exhaust. 409 gives you the great life expectancy of 304 stainless with all the good characteristics of mild steel.

As the chromium content in 409 is lower the metal remains malleable, this means it does not become brittle like 304 grade stainless. Another great attribute of 409 grade stainless is that is can be arc, mig or tig welded and you can weld it to mild steel. This means if the worst does happen in a remote place you are much more likely to be able to do a repair to get you home.

The Roo Systems fit

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As with the materials used the other part if the Roo Systems exhaust that was given very serious consideration was the fit.

The Roo Systems stainless exhaust has been carefully designed to fit as easily as possible for the DIY market. Where possible exhaust bolt are welded in place so you do not need to hang off two spanners.

Each piece of the system does not exceed 1.2 mtrs. The allows for easy handling and for fitment in most cases with any need of a hoist. Having the exhaust in smaller pieces also allows for easier alignment as each segment can be manipulated to give you the best possible clearance.

Each Roo systems exhaust also fits the factory mounting points and comes complete with all gaskets, nots and bolts required.

Each Roo Systems exhaust kit also comes with a replacement dump pipe giving you a complete systems from the turbo to the tail.

The Roo Systems chip and exhaust is a formidable package and a must have for anyone with a turbo diesel 4wd.

Where to buy?

We recommend going through a distributor, This gives a second person on your side with your best interests at heart, After all the distributor want you to come back time and again for new product.

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