Sales: People V’s Advertising

As I sit in Rockhampton having a caramel latte, (Don’t tell Roothy). I find myself reflecting on recent events in my working life.

You see I am in “Rocky” to cover the Rockhampton Home, Caravan and camping show and working with a local 4WD outlet ” CQ 4×4 Supplies ” as a representative for Jamies’s Touring Solutions.

I truly enjoy the show environment, talking to the locals and getting a feel for what makes us all that little bit different yet still relate able on some level. As most “reps” will tell you life on the road away from family and friends can be difficult (although modern social media and technology is definitely making a massive impact here) but anyhow I digress…..

The conversation came up between a few sales guys about the advertising industry getting involved in direct sales. Bow there is nothing “wrong” with that as Australia is a country of free enterprise. However it is interesting to see the difference of opinion between sales veterans and those coming from a purely marketing background.

Advertising produces leads …. People close sales.

IMO (“in my opinion” for readers over 30) advertising is an important, and in most cases critical, aspect of the sales process. Advertising gets the phone to ring, people to read the information and gives the brand “some” credibility.

Getting your product under the nose of your audience is the ticket to get you in the game.

Once the game starts though, you need a key player or team on your side to bring the trophy home. In an advertising dependent environment the only true ammunition you have is price. This results in a downward spiraling pattern of cheaper products and less customer service that ultimately both the customer and the retailer ends up losing.

Saving a dollar is important, As grandma used to say a penny save is a penny earned, but cheaper is not always saving if the item is an investment rather than a purchase. Consider how long you intend to use the product and who will be there in the long run to support you and your family.

Coffee is done, I am off to the show. I look forward to reading you thought on this subject in the comments box.

Cheers, Ben