Wholesale Automatics Virtual Tour

Wholesale Automatic Transmissions is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 1992 by Rodney Hudson-Davies and Stuart Kitto and has become one of the most reputable automatic transmission shops within Australia and is a major supplier of transmissions , parts and accessories to some of the largest and best known work shops in Australia.

Our reputation that has grown over the years has helped us become both a trusted and well respected company, with over 34 years combined experience.

Ongoing sponsorship commitments in the areas of schools , kinder gardens , soccer clubs , disabled athletes and motor sports are all a part of this companies marketing commitments that has seen it’s popularity grow strongly within the local community.

Our technical and development departments have contributed heavily to our massive growth over the years and have put this company at the forefront of the motorsports and four wheel drive industries with our heavy duty speedway and four wheel drive transmissions , adapters and conversion kits that have been sold though out the nation with great results.

Our facilities at Wholesale Automatics have become so technically advanced in order to keep our diagnostic team up to date with all the latest model cars and their electrical and computer systems have seen other transmission and mechanical shops use our facilities and diagnostic team .