4xfun: Sunshine Coast Family adventure event

4xFUN will be held on Saturday 6th June 2015. A never before seen event for the Sunshine Coast, this 4WD style rally is family focused fun with a twist! The rally will challenge participants physically and mentally as teams navigate their way around a 300km course featuring some of the Sunshine Coast’s best terrain. The course will feature a number of navigation and challenge checkpoints (CPs) that each team must stop and participate at.

[blockquote cite=”4xfun.com.au” type=”center”]Each checkpoint will have a unique activity set up with a range of points up for grabs. Teams will have 8 hours to complete the course and all checkpoints.[/blockquote]

At the conclusion of the event the team with the most points will win a brand new Toyota RAV4. All teams will complete the course at a specially designed Festival Village that will offer overnight camping, food stalls, entertainment and all-round family fun! 4xFUN is underpinned by the support of local businesses and community groups and is dedicated to providing the community with a unique, memorable and fun experience that everyone can participate in.

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To be eligible to enter 4xFUN and win our top prize you will need to begin by registering your team.

Teams may be registered with as few as 2, or as many as 7 participants, depending on the legal carrying capacity of your vehicle. To register teams please complete the online registration here

Payment of registration will be via the online registration system. Entry is $249 per team and overnight camping is an extra $30 per vehicle and must be purchased at time of registration.

Each team must have at least one participant over 18 years. All participants under 18 years must be accompanied by a legal guardian who accepts full responsibility for their safety during the event.

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Competition Focus

4xFUN is a competition, not a race – you’ll need to work hard to earn as many points as you can!

This un-timed event will see participants with the chance of winning the 4xFUN promo car a 2015 Toyota RAV4!

4xFUN is a points-based competition, not a race. Teams must adhere to all State road and traffic rules throughout the competition and no points will be awarded for finishing the event earlier than other teams.

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Festival Village and Camping

The day doesn’t end at the finish line – our Festival Village ensures that the fun continues.

The event and day will conclude at the Festival Village for a night of fun, laughter, prizes, entertainment and food. The festival village will feature supporter stands, 4×4 displays, food, drinks and entertainment including live bands and overnight camping. Prizes will be awarded throughout the evening and basic facilities (toilets, food and drinks) are catered for.

Please note shower facilities will not be available.






Teams can earn points in the following ways:

  • Fundraising prior to the event and on the event day – there will be 1 point allocated for every dollar raised to a maximum of $500 (500 points)
  • At each checkpoint teams will earn points by completing the checkpoint task. The checkpoints will have both physical and mental activities and the faster or smarter you complete the activity the more points you can earn.
  • You can also earn points by referring other teams to compete on the day. If you encourage your friends to enter too we will give you extra bonus points to say thanks!

[blockquote cite=”www.4xfun.com.au” type=”center”]For more information and to support this worthy call please visit www.4xfun.com.au[/blockquote]

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