Aussie Swag Review: The Roman Breakaway


  • canvas bag or cover that you keep all your belongings and bedroll in, to protect it from the weather when camping out

Australia is the land of stereotypes, like it or not, and ever since Waltzing Matilda and jolly swagmen was drummed into us as kids at school a love affair between campers and swags has followed most of us who love the bush and camping.

A warm bed protected from the elements can make the difference between a good weekend outdoors and a fantastic one.

If you are in the market for a swag, not happy with your current canvas roll, or even just want to know why someone would possibly want to sleep in the living mans equivalent of a coffin, read on.


  • Cost: $450
  • Size: 214 x 90cm
  • Canvas: 14oz Bradmill
  • Base: Heavy Duty PVC
  • Mattress: 50mm high-density foam

The Breakaway by Roman has very recently been updated. The Breakaway has for a while been Roman’s flagship swag. Made from Bradmill Canvas and complete with inbuilt pole carrier, triple hoop design, this new model did a much better job of keeping the canvas from sagging onto our bodies overnight.

The Breakaway was how simple it was to set up, well made it was and that it isup there with the more comfortable of the swags available.

The canvas extension at the head end also worked very well as a shelter for shoes and even something as simple as the handle when packed up makes a difference.

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