Camping Trailer Gas Bottle Explosion

A young driver had his hopes of camping this Easter when his trailer caught fire at around 3pm in the back of the Bunnings carpark. Explosions were heard as the fridge caught fire and overheated. The driver was so distraught that he collapsed to the ground in tears and was helped by the firefighters when they arrived. The fire was quickly put out by the firefighters.

3PM: QFES said a gas bottle was on fire when they arrived, while two others had been removed from the area. The gas bottles were on the family’s trailer, as they were packing to go on holidays.

2.34PM: QAS were called to the scene at 2pm after reports surfaced a gas cylinder had exploded.

The owner of the vehicle’s son, a 25-year-old male, was transported to hospital in a stable condition, suffering from symptoms of shock.


POLICE are stopping traffic into the Bunnings Gladstone carpark after a gas bottle explosion. The area, on the corner of Dawson Hwy and Harvey Rd, was being evacuated and the entrances closed off.

It is unknown if anyone has been injured but emergency services including paramedics and firies are on site. A Bunnings staffer reported that a camper trailer gas bottle exploded.

Updates to come.

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