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Orange rolls cooked in oranges over a fire[/custom_headline]

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We Went camping with our friends to Pismo Beach state park over the weekend and had a great time.  We love Pismo Beach and especially love eating at Splash’s Cafe.  They have the best clam chowder in the world.

[pullquote cite=”” type=”left, right”]I love camping and I love eating while camping.  It just all tastes better for some reason.[/pullquote]

For breakfast on the last day, we tried out something fun with the kids and created some great orange rolls that we cooked inside of oranges over the fire.  My wife got this recipe from a friend and we through we would try it out, and it turned out great.

You will need:

Oranges Pillsbury Grands! Orange Flavor Rolls A Camp fire
Madison was my little helper for this and she did a great job.


DISCLAIMER #1: No children were harmed in the making of these orange rolls.  Yes kids can use knives safely when supervised by adults.
scoop out the insides


DISCLAIMER #2: All of the orange bits we scooped out were eaten and not wasted.
Grab the Pillsbury Grands! Orange Flavor Rolls and put one in each orange half.
Put the oranges onto a baking sheet or something you can throw on top a fire
Looking good
Cover the oranges with tinfoil.
throw the cooking tray on the fire
The rolls will rise as they bake
These smell amazing as they are cooking over the fire.
Once the rolls have risen pull them off of the fire.  Watch that they don’t burn if you have a hot fire.
Add the icing to the rolls
sticky, yummy, and oh so good.
Now you eat them and enjoy the morning campfire.


[blockquote cite=”” type=”left, center, right”]These were a big hit with all the kids as well as the adults.  We were all clamoring to eat these as we sat around the morning campfire.[/blockquote]

Try these next time you are camping

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