Fitting Update: 80 Series Landcruiser Roof Console MOLLE Panel

Thank you to all our overseas customers who have been fitting the Triple G Roof Console MOLLE Panel to their 80 Series Landcuisers. We really appreciate the support and we love that you are enjoying our design.

With fitting in different countries, it has come to our attention that there are some variances in the 80 Series interior light, and a small modification may be required for an ideal fitment.

The majority of 80 Series landcruisers have a flush mounted interior light, however, some models present the interious light with a slight protruding leg around the screw holes. When fitting our panel, this results in the light sitting 1mm above the panel. See the photo below.

To fit the interior light, it is required to file down these plastic legs to create a flush fit, if you do not want to file down the plast leg you can drill out the panel as it is aluminium and easy to work with however we believe the plastic modification is easier

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