GGG Featured Product: Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kit

Travel Friendly Solar Panel Kits

Projecta’s Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kits feature a frameless design that folds up into a compact 36cm x 50cm bag. Weighing only 5–7kg, the panels are housed in durable canvas making them travel-safe and easy to pack into yourboot or trailer.

A hard fibre glass backing allows the panels to be angled towards the sun for optimum performance. Includes support legs, in-built 8.5 Amp solar controller and 5m lead with battery clips.


  • Monocrystalline Cells: Get the fastest charge possible over a short period of time using the most efficient technology available to harness more of the sounds power.
  • Compact Folding Design: Folds up into a self-contained bag 36x50cm for easy storage in your car, boat or camper trailer
  • Inbuilt Solar controller: Compact high efficiency controller is built-in for easy use
  • 5mtr cable kit: Complete with alligator clips the 5mtr lead gives you plenty of option to get the panel into direct sunlight while you are camped up in the shade.
  • Built tough: Protected in a heavy duty canvas bag with velcro strips make this unit ideal for camping and off road environments
projecta solar specifications

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