GGG Scoop: A certified waterproof winch? really …..

Waterproof, Mudproof Crockproof  !

Other winches claim “waterproof” or “sealed,” but the latest range of winches from VRS were independently lab tested and certified to the IP68 standard. Although the VRS contactor (Winch relay) kits have been water proof ( IP68 ) for a while now, VRS has now taken it to the next level.

The VRS Waterproof ( IP68 ) Winch

The drum of the winch experiences small horizontal movements while under load. This side to side movement has presented a challenge to keeping water out of the gearbox and motor housing up until now. The VRS IP68 winch has a new double lipped seal design keeps the water and silt out of the gearbox during this sideway movement.

Designed in Australia for our conditions – IP68 to make sure you get out every time!

  • Textured UV and corrosion resistant finish
  • Sealed IP68 to STOP water penetration
  • Stainless steel hardware and fittings
  • Heavy duty sealed high amperage contractor (winch relay) controller
  • Multi-segmented cam activated brake
  • Designed in Australia exported to the world
  • 2 year mechanical components warranty
  • Full parts inventory and back up

Everything about the VRS winch (appearance, fit and function) is first class.

The VRS motor and gearbox is strong, smooth and efficient. Its clutch handle feels good to engage and disengage, with great free-spool action.

You may think a new winch with synthetic rope, redesigned to be waterproof would have a hefty price tag, the team at VRS have delivered an exceptionally good RRP of $1,045.00 represent excellent value.

20 years experience in winch engineering, 2 year warranty and a truly national service network make the VRS an excellent investment for your 4WD.

The VRS brand is backed up by an extensive parts catalogue and stock holding and it national network of service agents. Giving you piece of mind that the VRS winch will support you through it warranty period but also far into the future.

What are the specs?


Rated Line Pull: 9500 lb (4310kg)
Motor: 5.3 hp, 3.9Kw Series Wound
Gear train: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 216:1
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic in the Drum
Weight: 31kg (synthetic)

Synthetic Rope: 30mm of 9mm dia
Fairlead: Roller

Rated Line Pull: 12500 lb (5670kg)
Motor:5.3 hp, 3.9Kw Series Wound
Gear train: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 273:1
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic in the Drum
Weight: 34kg (synthetic)
Synthetic Rope: 26mm of 11mm dia
Fairlead: Roller

 The VRS range of recovery products are available from most 4WD retail outlets. You can also fill out the form below and an authorise distributor will be in contact with you directly.

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Trade enquiries also welcomed

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Please use the comment box for special instructions such as best time to call, special requirements and your address to calculate freight in advance saving you time.

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