Jamie’s 12 Volt systems Explained

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In the book, Jamie also explores segments such as the basis or 12 volt circuitry and how it differs from 240 volt, battery maintenance, using the correct size wiring, for lighting and refrigeration.

Jamie’s 12 Volt eBook: RV Systems Explained

Jamie’s 31 page 12 volt eBook explores a lot of the factors surrounding your 12 volt, solar and touring needs. Whether you aren’t sure on what type of battery charger best suits your needs, or what solar panel will power your luxuries while away. Jamie’s Touring Solutions’ 12 volt ebook is a great start to better understanding your Recreational Vehicles’ 12 volt systems.

In the book we also explore segments such as:

  • The basis or 12 volt circuitry
  • Battery maintenance
  • Using the correct size wiring, for lighting and refrigeration.

Delve into Inverters, Modified Sign Wave (MSW) vs Pure Sign Wave (PSW) and when, where and how they should be used.

“Shortcuts should never be taken if it will inhibit the safety of your vehicle, and most importantly your family.”

Click to download your own 12 Volt eBook
Click to download your own 12 Volt eBook

Jamie’s 12 Volt booklet also outlines the uses of one of our major sellers, the Power Easy Box; and will assist you in determining which of our boxes will best suit your requirements.

The JTS website also has a 12 volt wiring diagrams section, where you can find exactly how to wire your newly purchased item, or your current system correctly and therefore safely. Correctly wiring your touring system is paramount, visit our ever expanding collection of wiring diagrams and ‘how to’ video tutorials so that your 12 volt system, vehicle and family are as safe as possible.

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