Keeping food fresh on the tracks

The team at Freshield have asked we do an “in the field” review of the Freshshield  vacuum sealer, the exciting thing about this product is it is purpose built for the outdoor markets! Ideal for campers and tourers because this unit works on both 240v for pre-trip and or regular home use and ……… also 12v DC power, how cool is that?

Outdoor with beef-500x500You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that vacuum sealing your fresh produce means you will keep it fresher (for up to five times longer) for longer and keeping the water our of your meat and the meat juices out of your ice/fridge is critical.

We are going to crank this up tonight but so far the unit appears extremely simple to use. It is light weight and compact, low power, multi voltage and according to the books it comes with a five year warranty.

Caravaning, camping, fishing and boating, it looks like it will work where and when it is needed.

This is what is in the box: 

1x   Freshield Outdoor Unit
5x   8″ Pre-cut bags
5x   11″ Pre-cut bags
1x   Bag cutter
1x   Removable silicon drip tray
1x   240v home use power cable
1x   12v car use cigarette adapter power cable
1x   User manual  (should probably read that ….)

Specifications (The boring stuff)

Size of the machine: 380w x 87h x 151d (mm)
Sealing bar width: 290mm
Weight of the machine: 1.31kg
Warranty: 5 years against manurfacturing faults 

Enough of that, The full in the field review will be ready shortly….. Can’t wait to see how this one goes. !! – Ben

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