Light Bar Comparo ROUND 1

Look at me!

Ultimately we fork over hard earned cash for a light bar to fire up the road and keep us safe at night, how ever this is only half the story as most of 4WDers take pride in the way our trucks look. Lots of research and consideration goes not only to how good the gear is but also to the overall visual impact as well.

Great Whites,

The largest of the single row LED bars tested, the Great White LED light bar has an impressive stance without being over bearing. The solid mounting bracket and unique angle locking mechanism makes this light bar visually an impressive unit.

Obviously designed to take the pounding in a commercial environment the Great White LED light bar still looks at home on the latest 4WD of choice.

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Baja Designs Stealth.

The original of the single row LED light bars, the Stealth has been setting the benchmark for design for the last 5 years. Low profile and sleek. The Baja light bar is instantly recognised by it styling.

Sniper LED,

The new OSLAM Black technology (thats a mouthful) is obvious in the visual design of the Sniper LED bar. The LED die sits clear and proud at the base of the light bar.

Without the impediment of a focal lens the Sniper LED light bar has a distinct look. This is backed up with a slick housing design that gives an over all refined and upmarket appearance.

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Ignite, Distributed by Cooldrive

If bigger is better and might wins the fight then the Ignite light bar will score your vote. The largest of the light bars tested this bar is chunky, tough and is a statement that won’t be ignored.

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Quantum, Distributed by Powerful 4×4

One of the longest in the Australian market the Quantum light bar has what many consider a classic look in light bars. A double row of LED’s with rounded end cap and smoothed heat sink fins.

Next will be a close examination of the mounting systems of each light bar tested.

Next we will tai a close look at the mounting systems of each LED Light bar, leading into the all important light output test.




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