OMG … The big mango from Bowen has been stolen !!

Now you see it, now you don’t. Have you seen the Big Mango from Bowen?

Now you see it, now you don’t. Have you seen the Big Mango from Bowen? 

ONE of Queensland’s landmark “big” attractions has disappeared in an apparent overnight heist.

The 10m-high Big Mango at Bowen in north Queensland was prised from its concrete platform where it had sat for more than a decade.

Bowen Tourist Information Centre manager Christin Short was the first to notice when he arrived at work this morning – and assumed it must have been removed for repairs.

But a call to the Bowen Tourism Chairman Paul McLaughlin confirmed there was no planned maintenance – and an inspection found the three-storey mango had indeed been unbolted and stolen,

Any motive remains unclear.

Bowen is Australia’s mango producing capital and the Big Mango was created in 2002 as a tourist attraction.

ABC journalist Jessica Nairn tweeted on a sighting in the early hours.

Jessica Nairn @jessnairn Follow: “The 10 metre high Bowen ‘Big Mango’ has gone missing overnight! Culprits were spotted using heavy machinery to move the fruit around 2am.” 11:06 AM – 24 Feb 2014

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