Nomad PDU Mounting Cradle Bracket


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Nomad PDU Lithium mounting system: Australian made from laser cut 3mm Aluminium

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Easily mount your Nomad PDU with our mounting cradle

The Nomad PDU bracket has been designed to use in 2 formats.

With the front plate:

Easily slide your Nomad out from the top with the cradle in place. The front plate doubles as an accessory mounting system with slots to mount your inline DC Charger, wattmeter or tools.

The front plate also adds support to fully suspend the cradle giving you more mounting options.

Without the front plate:

For tight spots, you can remove the front plate and secure your Nomad PDU with a front cam lock strap. This configuration is ideal for a tight spot where you might have a bulkhead of shell above the nomad making lifting, not an option.


  • Laser cut 3mm Aluminium
  • 315mm wide
  • 300mm high
  • 104mm Deep

Ultimate Suzuki Jimny Battery System

The team at Get Good Gear have been working closely with the Jimny community. Due to the slimline case and lightweight of the Nomad PDU, it has been very popular with Jimny owners.

With this in mind, the new cradle has been made to line up with the existing bolt holes in the rear of the Jimny making it a very simple DIY fit.

Nomad PDU Mounting Bracket | Get Good Gear
Easily mount your Nomad PDU with this Mounting Bracket | Get Good Gear



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 35 cm


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