Rogue M.O.L.L.E Floor Console: Customizable MOLLE Storage Solution for Suzuki Jimny


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Elevate Your Suzuki Jimny Adventure with the Rogue MOLLE floor console system – Your Customizable MOLLE Centre Console for Ultimate Off-Road Storage.

Enhance Your Jimny’s Storage with Legendex Rogue MOLLE Centre Console (Floor)

Unlock extra storage space in your beloved Jimny with the innovative Rogue MOLLE floor console system. Designed to utilize untapped space in your vehicle, this system keeps your cargo secure and easily accessible, all while offering a touch of Australian ruggedness.

Tackle the Outback, Secure Your Gear Heading off-road? This console system is your new adventure partner. Securely stow your UHF Radios, Switches, MOLLE pouches, off-road essentials, and handy tools. It’s tailored to match your unique style and requirements.

BONUS: Your Ultimate Companion – A Cup Holder

Your options are endless: strap it, bolt it, customize it. Crafted for those who refuse to settle for standard, this console is your canvas to personalize.

Features that Make a Statement:

  • Featherweight yet Tough: Crafted from a 2mm aluminium switch panel, offering strength without weight.
  • Legendary Legendex ROGUE Molle Design
  • Ready for Your Needs: 5 Carling switch cutouts for seamless customization.
  • Hassle-Free Fit: DIY installation without specialized tools, mounts effortlessly to factory positions.
  • Built to Last: Stainless steel brackets and hardware promise durability.
  • Stylish Cup Holder: Stainless steel cup holder for your on-the-go refreshment.
  • Aussie Pride: Entirely Australian-made, from design to manufacturing and material supply.
  • Engineered Precision: Laser-cut and CAD-designed for the perfect fit every time.
  • Timeless Finish: Coated in black tactile powder for a durable finish.

Complete Jimny Floor Centre Console Kit:

  • 2 x 2mm powder-coated Rogue MOLLE Panels
  • 1 X 2mm powder-coated Rogue MOLLE Top Switch Panel
  • Stainless steel front seat brackets
  • 8 X 6mm Stainless Steel Bolts
  • 4 X 6mm Hex head flanged nuts
  • 6 X 4mm Dome Head Bolts
  • 6 X 4mm Hex Nuts

Experience the Legendex Rogue MOLLE System:

No more settling for lacklustre storage in your Suzuki Jimny. Our ROGUE Molle roof console is designed to be durable, stylish, and adaptable. The 2mm aluminum welded body is primed for easy modification to fit any accessory you desire.

Effortless Access: Five Carling switch slots offer convenient access to your switch panel. The legendary ROGUE Molle pattern lines both sides of the Jimny floor console, empowering you to mount a range of M.O.L.L.E accessories.

The Revolutionary ROGUE Molle Pattern:

Inspired by military precision, our ROGUE Molle pattern is tailored for the Australian off-road community. With this advanced pattern, mounting options abound.

  • 10mm X 40mm Slots: Perfect for Quickfist systems, RAM Mounts, custom brackets, and more.
  • 40mm X 25mm Pattern: Ideal for MOLLE pouches, canvas tool holders, 12V sockets, lights, and meters.
  • Unobstructed Vision: The combination of patterns ensures visibility while maintaining functionality.

Become a Part of the Get Good Gear ROGUE Community:

Our core philosophy centres on community engagement. Make this system truly yours – hack it, mod it, and personalize it to match your journey. Share your unique “MOD” with the world using #roguemolle, and don’t forget to tag Legendex so we can celebrate your setup together.

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