R’N’R Car Club

About Us:

The RNR Community is a group of like-minded people with a passion for classic and vintage cars. We are a “Red Tape Free” community interested in the restoration and preservation of classic vehicles over 30 years old.

We offer a user-friendly experience and welcome both active and non-active members.

Benefits include access to special interest concessional registration and social interaction with like minded people. If you would like to know more about joining RNRCC please Call or Text Ben: 0417 786 322. Email: ben@getgoodgear.com.au

Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some frequently asked questions about the club.

Do we need to attend monthly meetings?

No. Although we are a social club, there is no requirement to attend meetings to stay active with your membership.

How much is membership

Initial joining is fee is $50.00 per vehicle including you first year, each additional year is $20.00. It is the members responsibility to ensure their financial status up to date as a lapsed membership may deem your registration invalid

What is required to join

You will need to provide current registration detail, if available, a photo of the vehicle and a photo of your compliance and VIN plate as applicable. You will also be required to provide full contact details, including Name, Address, Garage Address, email and mobile phone.

For more information fill out the form below and we will get back to you:

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