Stealth Battery Install – Mitsubishi Triton Ute

One of the most common places to install a 100Ah Lithium dual battery system for your Triton is on the Tub. If you don’t carry much of a load this is a great and easy place to install.

The tub is a great option but not for everyone, those with a working utemay want to keep the tub free to carry rubbish, bricks and other loads. For these owners the stealth install may be the way to go.

Behind the passenger seat is a great spot for your Lithium slim series battery. Out of the way and protected this is a great spot for your install.

Secure in place with 2 tie down and a ratchet strap, making the battery pack easy to remove for your camper trailer or campsite.

Check your battery status with the built in volt and amp meter.

Anderson Plug, solar input and chargw point all in easy access theough the centre console.

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