Stop the “Greens”, ORP

The Outdoor Recreation Party is committed to less government control over outdoor recreation.

Believing public land should be accessible for recreational purposes and actively managed, not locked up and neglected. The ORP support access by aircraft, boat, vehicle, bicycle, horse and on foot.

They aim to counter the political influence of groups (such as the Greens) that seek to limit public land access to a privileged few.

Supporting the preservation of environmental values with a scientific and prioritised approach in which people are viewed as integral and not alien to the environment.  The ORP view restrictions on outdoor activities as part of a larger problem of excessive regulation, bureaucracy and government intrusion.

Support efforts to reduce the size of government through less regulation, greater personal choice and lower taxes, The party has its roots in the New South Wales 4WD movement.  A member of the party was elected to the Legislative Council (the NSW Upper House) at the 1999 State Election. The party was also registered for federal elections and ran candidates in the 2004 federal election.

Interests these days include not only 4WD users but also fishers, motorcyclists, motoring enthusiasts, bushwalkers, hunters and sporting shooters, paintball players, skiers, horse-riders, golfers and rural property owners.

The Outdoor Recreation Party is registered as a political party in NSW and for federal elections, where its name is Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop the Greens).