The new Thunder Weekender portable power solution

The GGG Crew this weekend are heading away to do some field testing of a range of exciting new products. One of these will the the new “Weekender” from Thunder Auto. We will get a full run down but here is what we see so far:

  • Internal dimensions: 390 x 230 x 260mm, that is some impressive space and will fit a hefty 120ah AGM
  • An on/off master switch for piece of mind while in transit
  • LED display that lets you know exactly what’s going on in your battery, displaying;
    • Battery type and Amp hour
    • Battery Voltage
    • Output current
    • Remaining power percentage
    • Remaining time (hours)
    • A 240 Volt, 6 Amp, 7 stage battery charger (Suitable batteries are LEAD ACID, GEL, AGM and CALCIUM)
  • 2 x Accessory sockets or 2 x Merit Accessory sockets.
  • An impressive 300 Watt, 240 Volt inverter (and it is pure sine wave)
  • A 5 Volt, 2.0 Amp USB port
  • 50 Amp Anderson plug. (this can be used to charge via a DC-DC charger or solar panel kit)


Initial thoughts:

The pure sine wave is impressive this means no output failure when connecting sophisticated electronic appliances such as laptops, cordless chargers for power tools or digital cameras.

The LED Display is comprehensive, Why is this so important? <READ HERE>  ( ALSO fitted with a low voltage alarm alerting you when it’s time to recharge… thats cool)

An on/off master switch protects and isolates the power outputs when it’s time for lights out, gives me some piece of mind.

We are keen to see how this unit performs in the bush…. Keep posted for the full review soon.



  1. When I travel am I able to charge the battery via the car through a Anderson plug? Also can it run my 80 L and 40L waoco s ?


    • It is best to run through a DC-DC charger but if you have an isolator on your anderson plus you caould connect that to the box.

  2. How do I charge my battery that’s in a thunder weekender with a generator when in the booklet its says that you can’t charge with the 7 stage 240vlt charger if you use a 240vlt inverter which a generator uses
    Do I go through a DC/DC power charger unit
    Can any one help me on this problem paul

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