The toughest police car in Australia

[blockquote cite=”Cars Guide” type=”left”] NSW Police take delivery of Australia’s toughest police car, the Ford F150 Raptor.[/blockquote]

NSW Police have taken delivery of Australia’s toughest highway patrol vehicle: a V8-powered Ford “monster truck” from the US.

The Ford F150 Raptor, funded by the NSW Centre For Road Safety, will be shown publicly for the first time at Friday’s opening of the V8 Supercar championship street race finale at Homebush Bay.

The menacing black Ford pick-up will be used to work with the police trail-bike team and will be displayed at community events as the flagship vehicle for the highway patrol’s “high visibility” road safety campaign.

“It’s about talking to car enthusiasts on their level and having them understand the technology we have available,” said John Hartley, NSW Police Assistant Commissioner and Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol.

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The black beast pick-up truck imported from the US and converted to right-hand-drive locally is powered by a massive 6.2-litre V8 and is estimated to be worth close to $140,000.

It is believed to the first vehicle of its type used by law enforcement anywhere in Australia.

The Ford F150 Raptor, originally designed for desert racing in the US, joins a fleet of high profile vehicles that police use to “start a conversation” with young drivers that don’t usually engage with police.

“The vast majority of motoring enthusiasts are safe drivers who do the right thing … but once more people realise how much technology we have to detect dangerous drivers, hopefully they’ll be less inclined to break the law,” said Assistant Commissioner Hartley.

“(The F150 Raptor) will be used at community events at regional and metropolitan locations. The aim of the vehicle on display is to bring motoring enthusiasts and police together … and initiate discussion about road safety.”

With its heavy-duty, desert-racing suspension and go-anywhere four-wheel-drive ability, the Ford F150 Raptor can also be used as a support vehicle for the police trail-bike team that will crack down on illegal use of unregistered motorcycles over the summer break.

Fast facts: Ford F150 Raptor
Price: $140,000 (estimated)
Engine: 6.2-litre V8
Power: 306kW/588Nm
Transmission: Six-speed auto
Suspension: Heavy duty Fox Racing shock absorbers
0 to 100kmh: 7.1 seconds


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