TUF DEK LINERS-Protect your investment

The Ultimate in protection against dents, scratches and general wear and tear.

Tuf Dek liners are moulded to the shape of your vehicle’s well-side ensuring your valuable load space is maximised.

tuf Dek australiaTOTAL PROTECTION

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, these
contour-moulded liners are virtually impossible to crack or break, and are resistant to sunlight and everyday chemicals.

The Tuf Dek design investment ensures an uncompromising fitment
for each application. Computer-aided modelling ensures precision matching of contact surfaces for overall load distribution.

Tuf Dek liners are moulded to provide protection to the top edge
of the well-side in order to protect this area against marking and scratching when loading heavy objects.


Tuf Lok enables the partitioning of the vehicles load by utilising a uniquely moulded load-retaining system built into each Tuf Dek.

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