Water Car amphibious vehicle

The dream of a car that can do more than just drive around on land is not really new. In WaterCar from the California Fountain Valley is lagging the topic tackled something more radical: the Panther has brought the fastest amphibious car in the world in series.

WaterCar Panther to be unsinkable

This was preceded by a record with the amphibious car python. The prototype ended 2010 in the Guinness Book of Records and Watercar was overrun by potential customers. In order to manufacture the successor model, the WaterCar Panther, with the required quality in series, but passed some time – now it’s done.

Basis of the WaterCar Panther is a tube-frame chassis that carries the four independently suspended wheels and extra long struts provides ample suspension travel for off-road use. The chassis is covered with a shell of fiberglass whose look is unmistakably modeled on the Jeep Wrangler. The body is lined with a total of about one cubic meter of closed-cell foam, whereby the WaterCar Panther is virtually unsinkable.

Drive with 300 – horsepower V6 from Honda

In contrast to the prototype Python , who was still on the road with a Corvette V8 , WaterCar is the panther on large-scale engineering of Honda. The 3.7 -liter V6 engine from a Japanese manufacturing was chosen for several reasons: it is relatively economical, thanks to all-aluminum construction, very light and loud WaterCar extremely reliable, both in its (smaller) versions as well as a marine engine in versions for Honda cars . In its standard version, it brings the Honda V6 to 300 hp .

On the V6 WaterCar flanged to a self-developed transmission unit . For road use, a four-speed manual transmission is available , with the amphibious SUV up to 130 km / h fast. In Boat operation, the transfer case for the power supply of a jet drive that accelerates the WaterCar Panther in the water up to 70 km / h makes .

WaterCar Panthers will cost $ 135,000

The WaterCar Panther is available in three different versions: as a rolling chassis without body, as a complete car without engine and transmission as well as operate an amphibious vehicle. Prices range here of $ 75,000 for the chassis up to 135,000 dollars for a start clear WaterCar Panther. Reason for the different versions are the admission requirements – in some U.S. states, it is easier to achieve a street legal when a vehicle is produced in the previous owner. The components used to complete course can be ordered from WaterCar.

In the waters of the Panther WaterCar the road transmission is simply set to neutral , the wheels are retracted and started the jet drive . Overall, it should take less than 15 seconds to transform the into the water driven WaterCar Panther for power boat , just as quickly it is to go back to shore .


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