What is Massojet?

Get dirty, get sandy, get muddy the Massojet Under Body Spray Arm makes cleaning up after a day off road easy. Its unique long design makes getting under the 4WD easier than ever before.

The Massojet has a uniquely designed head that greatly increases the  pressure of your mains water giving you more cleaning power but that is not all, attach a line to your air compressor and the Massojet turns into a high pressure cleaner in your hands.

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The Massojet is  an effective pressure cleaner that is safe to use on 4wd’s, cars, vans, trucks, boats, caravans, trailers, jet skis, motorbikes and lots of places around the home, shed, workshop or farm, including walls, windows, gutters and drains.

The Get Good Gear team recently put the Massojet to the test after a day trip to Bribie Island. After a full day running up the beach and coming back through the inland track the Landrover Discovery needed a good clean out.

The Massojet made the clean up easy, not only did it blast out the sand but it also dropped mud and road grime that had been embedded in the chassis for years.

For pricing and information on your local distributor check out: http://www.massojet.com.au

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