Wheeling ‘n’ Reeling

Do you want to see plenty of hard core Four Wheel Driving and Fishing at its best? Then you’ve come to the right place. Join Jack and Jake Laidlaw as they travel the country in their highly modified 4wds with their 4.85m boat looking for all those remote places everyone dreams of finding.

This is not a high budget production, just a couple of typical Aussie blokes getting out there and doing it the same as 99% of us want to. Jack and Jake will show their 4wd set-ups and provide camping and fishing tips and provide plenty of quality photos of fantastic fishing and great camping locations.

‘You’re a long time dead’
This little pearl of wisdom is what made me decide that work is a rotten, dirty, lousy four letter word and no longer for me. I figure that if our time on this earth is short then I am going to spend the rest of it having fun, and what could be more fun than fishing and 4wding. Heaps of people tell me I’m a mongrel for doing it so hard and who am I to argue.
But you know, it is a life-style choice and one many people are just not willing to make believing that money is the most important aspect in their life.
Jake at the wheel of his GQ Patrol is a naturally gifted driver. He has an uncanny knack of picking the best line thru the most challenging of tracks where many others have failed. Jake is a fully qualified plumber, an experienced truck driver and is a fitness fanatic.
A bit of the Old Man has rubbed off onto Jake. He is not driven like most people his age ie, work, big mortgage on the great Aussie Dream, Commodore and 5 credit cards. Jake works bloody hard, doesn’t owe anyone, builds up a travel budget, then hits the road. He travels Australia extensively but has also been overseas numerous times.

Check them and out at http://www.wheelingnreeling.com.au



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