WIN a JTS Aussie Outdoor Pack

Thanks to the support from Jamie and the team at JTS Unlock Australia are currently offering a great deal to all customers who make a purchase over $20 of merchandise and or stickers in January. As a thank you for spending over $20 in the ULA Supporters store you will receive a FREE JTS Stubbie cooler (only available for the first 50 orders) and qualify to go in the draw to win a JTS Outdoor pack worth $703.00 (all orders).

To enter remember you MUST fill out the entry form after completing your purchase! 
JTS Outdoor Pack includes
1 X Cool White LED Flexible Strip: RRP $ 99.00
1 X Green LED Flexible Strip: RRP $ 99.00
1 X 12 Volt mozzie and bug catcher: RRP $ 40.00

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