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The Winch-In-A-Bag, a convenient kit with everything you need to keep going. Whether rescuing yourself or others from danger, unloading or loading your boat, off-road with your 4-wheel drive vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike or snowmobile, or on the job site pulling a load closer to your truck, this winch is handy and ready.




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The Winch-In-A-Bag is a complete winching solution in a convenient kit that features a 2,000 lb rated line pull winch on a patented powder coated winch platform, a Teflon winch rope guide, and 49 feet of 5/32 inch wire rope with latch hook and rope thimble. An eight foot remote control allows the user to operate the winch at a safe distance. The kit also includes both a four foot and six foot heavy duty choker strap and a one ton bow shackle, all in a compact, easy to carry storage and travel bag.

imagesThe completely portable Winch-In-A Bag requires no installation and does not require a winch mount. It can be carried from vehicle to vehicle and is designed for fast setup and usage with any vehicle. The kit is easy to store, use, and repack. It is the perfect companion for any personal vehicle, recreational, off-road, or work activity.

The Winch-In-A-Bag was selected by a panel of international Journalist as a product most likely to succeed during the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada; Superwinch received a SEMA Global Media Award for this accomplishment.


ggg COMPETITION TIMEThe team at British Off Road have donated a Superwinch – Winch-in-a-bag available to give away for Unlock Australia. You can enter by filling out the form below, joining the ULA Newsletter HERE, or enter into the competition at the Landcruiser Mountain Park “Roothy Farwell Bash” on the 12th of April.


D. Vicking from VIC

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