12 Volt bug and mosquito zapper

Bug and Mosquito control at your next camp site

The 12 Volt Insect Zapper (and 240 Volt). Not only great for hanging on the patio at your next BBQ, the real gem in this crown is the fact you can pack it in the camper trailer or caravan to run it off your 12 volt system.
It can safely run all night inside your tent or tent as well helping to give you a truly peaceful nights sleep while out in the aussie bush.
The 12 volt bug zapper provides instant relief from pesky insects with no chemicals, no fumes, no smell, no sprays. (proven effective for luring flying insects day or night.)

How does it work?

The 12 Volt Insect Zapper uses Ultra Violet LED through a lens with a titanium dioxide coating.This process releases a steady stream Carbon Dioxide, attracting mosquito’s.
The UV light also aids in keeling germs and bacteria and other bugs and pest are also attracted the UV light making this a versatile solutions for outdoor pest control.

Not all lights will attract insects. Color sensitivity in UV spectrum plays an important role in navigation in flying and terrestrial invertebrate animals. Behavioural and electrophysiological experiements found that the insect eye responds to ultraviolet irradiation.

This response leads to several different reactions. When insects are exposed to light, they may go toward or keep away from the source of illumination. For example, many insects forage at twilight when blue dominate the irradiance spectrum the sky.

Once inside the trap a 12 volt fans pulls the mosquito inside the cage. The whirlwind effect of the fans pushes the mosquito’s, fly’s and bug’s into the side netting where they are trapped and die from dehydration.

Where can I get one?

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available, but check out the next generation of pest management while camping.

Check out these great options:

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    • i want to know how long the cord is to connect to a deep cycle battery? will use this along with two 50watt 12 volt bulbs for NIGHT FISHING ON THE RIVER HER IN ALABAMA 36109. how much will it cost me for shipping. ?? thanks clark
      p.s. tried to call you / is there a simple way to speak to a live person?

      • Hi mate,

        It is really designed for use in a confined area. I dont think it will be very effective on an open boat on a river sorry.

        I think a repellent spray will be better for you

  1. This little bulb kills it. My condo is next to a fairly wooded area and I always get eaten alive when I’m out on my porch. I have this app light on as my patio light and I hear those little buggers getting zapped all night when it’s on. The blue UV light is like honey to a bee. No more mosquitos in my bedroom or eating me when I’m outside reading my book. Oh, and the LED light is decent too. The bugs that get zapped just either fall out or I can quickly blow them away. It actually works

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