Camping Mosquito Zapper & Lantern: Your Family’s Mozzie-Free Adventure Buddy!


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Camping Mosquito Zapper: Your ultimate bug-busting camping companion. Stay mosquito-free with our Camping Mozzie Zapper & Lantern.

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Tired of those pesky bugs ruining your family camping trips? Meet the Camping Mosquito Zapper & Lantern – your ticket to a bug-free and enjoyable night’s sleep under the stars. No need for fancy words or complicated gadgets; this is your simple solution to mosquito-free nights!

Why It’s Perfect for Your Family:

1. Bug-Beating Design: Our Camping Mosquito Zapper is like a superhero that keeps mosquitoes away. It’s a little device, just 130mm tall and 90mm wide, but it packs a powerful punch against those annoying bugs.

2. Two-in-One Magic: This wonder gadget does two things. First, it’s a bright lantern, which is perfect for lighting up your campsite. Second, it’s a bug zapper. It attracts bugs with its special light, and when they get too close, zap! No more bugs bothering your family.

3. Easy Peasy Operation: You don’t need to be a tech expert to use it. Hang it up using the double hook or put it on a table – it’s that simple. Plus, it has a soft white light that’s easy on the eyes. You can use it even if you don’t want to zap bugs.

4. Stay Charged Up: Worried about running out of power? Don’t be! This Camping Mosquito Zapper is rechargeable with a USB, just like your phone. It can keep going for around 8 hours on one charge. So, you’re covered all night.

5. Tough and Ready: This little hero is tough enough to handle camping adventures. It can handle rain and tough conditions, so it’ll be your trusty companion on all your family trips.

Say goodbye to those irritating bugs that buzz around your ears at 2 AM. With the Camping Mosquito Zapper & Lantern, your family can enjoy peaceful, bug-free nights, whether you’re camping or just hanging out in the backyard.

So, don’t let mosquitoes mess up your family fun time. Get your Camping Mosquito Zapper today, and make every camping trip a breeze. It’s simple, effective, and perfect for your family’s outdoor adventures!

Throw another shrimp on the barbie, grab your Camping Mosquito Zapper & Lantern, and let’s have a ripper of a camping adventure, mate! No mozzies botherin’ ya under the Aussie stars. Get one today, and say ‘ta-ta’ to those pesky biters! G’day, bug-free nights await!

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Camping Mosquito Zapper
Get a good night sleep with the rechargable mozzie zapper from Get Good Gear
Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 14 cm


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