Birdsville Hotel Dual Battery Kit

The JTS Power Easy range are portable battery solutions that give you more options than ever before. Available in three formats; Base, Isolator and DC-DC.

The isolator dual battery system has been made even better with a signature series created especially for the Birdsville Hotel RFDS fund 2014 fund raiser.

But more about the shortly, let get into the product details. The unit features nearly every gadget hole you could imagine:

  • 2 X cigarette lighter socket
  • 2 X Anderson plugs
  • Twin USB Socket
  • External positive and negative posts
  • AND a digital voltmeter.

Not only does it feature all of this it is constructed the way you would expect from a JTS Australian Built product. The correct size of wiring is critical for safety, longevity protection of your gear. Commonly in imported products the gauge of wiring used is just not up to standard.

The JTS team use quality sourced wire with each socket independently fused. The Power Easy box will house a 120ah battery making it one of the biggest portable battery boxes on the market.

How to we keep the start battery fresh? If you are a regular at duel battery systems you can skip this part knowing that the Birdsville Hotel signature Power Easy system as a 120amp Isolator built into the box.

What is a Battery Isolator?

With all your accessories running hard off the power easy battery box you want to ensure your start battery will turn your engine over without a seconds thought. Built into the Birdsville Hotel signature Power Easy system is a neat little box that detects when the engine is not running.

This box then cut power to the start battery, isolator you auxiliary and making sure that no matter how hard you run your gear there is no drain at all on the starting battery.

Lets take a minute to break all that down:

  • Fits 100 to 120 amp hour AGM battery
  • External positive & negative studs
  • 4 accessory sockets, Tplug, cig’s and Anderson plug
  • Internally fused to protect your gear
  • Easy to read digital volt meter
  • built in battery isolator

Birdsville Hotel signature series

The Outback Loop, owners of the Birdsville Hotel and Ithacaca Hotel each year raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. The RFDS is dedicated & enthusiastic in delivering necessary services to those who, without the RFDS, would not receive the necessary attention.

The JTS team have donated a Birdsville Hotel signature series Power Easy kit to raffle off, on top of this Jamie is also donating 10% of every sale in 2014 to the charity drive.

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