Camping Carnage: A sinkhole has taken out In-skip point camping spot

CAMPERS at Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach have told of narrowly escaping with their lives after an apparent “sinkhole” opened up at the popular holiday spot.

Sunshine Coast recovery experts Clayton’s Towing reported the camp grounds were being evacuated overnight.

“Well 3 am still up after a massive sinkhole swallowed our camp at inskip few caravans and camper trailers lost Coxys van hanging over a 10 foot drop off snatch straps winches all being used to save them what a night we are the lucky ones” – John Kliedon from Sniper LED


In a Facebook post, it wrote campers heard a loud rumbling “like a storm” as sand began “rapidly disappearing into the ocean at an amazing speed”.

Two Clayton’s staffers with friends were staying at the campgrounds, according to the company’s post.

“They only just got their four-wheel drives and caravans out with seconds to spare as their campsite disappeared 3m down into the ocean.

12038342_10208142254137156_3329974334205661425_n“A four-wheel drive, large caravan, camper trailer, tents etc on the site next to them all got swallowed into the ocean.”

Others have added to the social media post, confirming the information from the towing firm.

“Yep, can’t believe we made it out. I thought we were gonners for sure, was truly scary how fast it came into our camp site and swallowed it all up,” wrote one commenter.

“Yes, we were there (at the M.V) Beagle campsite, there was a sink hole near toilet no. 2, vehicles and cars lost,” another said.

“OMG still can’t believe we got out, very scary,” wrote another.

It is not the first time Inskip has been struck by the phenomenon.

In 2011, visitors told of a small hole in the sand growing into a giant chasm about 100m across and 5m deep.

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