Illuminate Your Adventure: The Get Good Gear LED Power Pole – The Ultimate Outdoor Lighting Solution

Discover the next level in outdoor lighting with the Get Good Gear LED Power Pole, a groundbreaking innovation for campsite illumination. Now, seamlessly integrate your tent pole and camp lights into one efficient, space-saving solution.

Crafted for Campers, Caravanners, Tourers, or Camper Trailers, the Get Good Gear Power Pole is not just a light source but a robust support for your outdoor shelter. Each pole, weighing approximately 0.8kg, is designed for ease of use and maximum utility.

ASL POWER POLE Led Power Pole tent pole with LED Light
ASL POWER POLE Led Power Pole tent pole with LED Light

Choose from versatile pole options to suit your needs:

  • Bend spigot (pegable foot) / straight spigot: 1390mm long, extending to 2130mm
  • Crab claw: 1460mm long, extending to 2440mm
  • Crab claw: 1800mm long, extending to 2700mm

Light up your campsite with two types of LED lighting: bright white for clear visibility and orange for a bug-resistant, ambient glow. Every pole version incorporates a 50cm LED light strip, offering ample illumination for your outdoor activities.

Now Get Good Gear has taken camp lights to the next level with the Australian built “Powerpole”. Setting up your lighting is now as instant as fitting your tent pole.

ASL POWER POLE Led Power Pole tent pole with LED Light

Powering the poles is flexible and convenient, requiring a 12V source. Opt for a 7AH Battery Pack available on our website, connect to your truck via a cig plug, or utilize any other 12V power source. Note that the poles do not include cables; these must be purchased separately. For multiple poles, consider one power cable with splitters, and decide on incorporating one or more dimmers into your setup.

Explore a range of accessories and customization options in the power pole section on our website. From the strength and versatility of the pole to the innovative LED dimmer control, the Get Good Gear LED Power Pole 2.0 is crafted to elevate your outdoor experience.

“Now with a switch mode between brilliant Cool White for the brightest light possible and a full low-insect Amber for extreme insect environments.”


“The LED pole was great, but using it in the bush I asked myself; How could it be better? – Jamie The Australian Bushman”

The original LED strip was a compromise. Although LED naturally attracts fewer bugs than traditional forms of lighting, we wanted to make the pole as bug-resistant as possible while not compromising on light intensity. To do this, we chose a “Warm White” LED. Warm white has a slightly amber tinge to it to minimize attracting unwanted visitors to your campsite at night.

But the compromise was not the best, and the team at Get Good Gear strives to make every product carrying the Get Good Gear name be the best it can be.

So they said no to 2nd best and from the drawing board, the Get Good Gear LED Power Pole 2.0 was created. All the great features including:

  • Australian made aluminium pole
  • Secure twist lock mechanism
  • LED Dimmer control
  • Multiple styles

“Now with a switch mode between a brilliant Cool White for the brightest light possible AND a full low insect Amber for extreme insect environments

ASL POWER POLE Led Power Pole tent pole with LED Light

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