Custom MOLLE Panel for you 4WD

Gear Up Right: Custom MOLLE Panels for Your Off-Road Adventures

Jimny Roof Console MOLLE Panel

For the seasoned adventurer, organisation is key. Every nook and cranny of your 4WD becomes precious real estate, especially when venturing off the beaten path. Enter the MOLLE panel—a game-changer for efficient storage and easy access to your gear.

What is a MOLLE Panel?

M.O.L.L.E stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. These panels feature a grid of horizontal straps with spaced holes. This clever design lets you attach various MOLLE pouches, holsters, and organisers using compatible straps and clips. Imagine a customisable toolbox for your essential off-road gear, all neatly organised and within easy reach.

The Get Good Gear MOLLE pattern has been carefully choosing to match the original MOLLE Dimensions plus, we have carefully added a range of 6.5mm slots, giving you a huge range of mounting options while also perfectly fitting MOLLE Pouches.

 Why Build a Custom MOLLE Panel?

While pre-made MOLLE panels exist, a custom-built solution offers several advantages:

  • Perfect Fit: Get Good Gear uses 3mm aluminium, making it lightweight and durable. A custom-designed panel ensures it fits seamlessly into the designated space within your 4WD, maximizing available storage.
  • Tailored Organization: Do you have specialized equipment or prefer a specific layout? A custom panel allows you to design the layout for optimal gear accessibility. Heavy-duty recovery gear can be secured at the bottom, while smaller items like first-aid kits or flashlights find their perfect spot higher up. The modularity of MOLLE allows for endless customization.
  • Durability for the Long Haul: Get Good Gear’s black textured powder coat finish not only looks sharp, but also provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and wear and tear – crucial for your off-road adventures.

MOLLE Panels Designed for Your 4WD

Here are some specific applications for custom MOLLE panels in your 4WD:

  • Cargo Area: Utilize unused wall space or create a dedicated storage area for recovery gear, tools, and camping supplies.
  • Door Panels: Turn your door panels into efficient storage spaces for smaller items like maps, snacks, or first-aid kits.
  • Tailgate: Mount a MOLLE panel on your tailgate for quick access to recovery straps, gloves, or fire extinguishers.

Invest in your organization, invest in your peace of mind. Custom MOLLE panels from Get Good Gear provide a sleek and efficient solution to keep your 4WD organized and your gear readily accessible. Hit the trails with confidence, knowing everything you need is right where you need it.

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