How to maximise storage in your 4WD With Custom MOLLE Panels

Custom MOLLE Panels can unlock storage spaces in your 4WD that are otherwise hidden.

Beyond the Mud: Creative Uses for Custom MOLLE Panels in Your 4WD

Custom MOLLE panels are no longer just for the military. A MOLLE Panel System in your 4WD will take storage to a new level. Let’s explore some creative ways to utilise custom MOLLE panels in your 4WD, transforming your vehicle into a haven of organisation and efficiency.

Optimizing Interior Space:

  • Roof Console MOLLE Panel: Capture the storage possibilities with a MOLLE Panel at easy reach on the hood lining of your 4WD. Typically between the reverse mirror and centre interior light, this space can be used to store frequently used items like maps, sunglasses, and even tissues if the tracks get a little scary for you. Mount a zippered pouch for loose items like cables or wipes.

  • Grab Handle MOLLE Panel: Turn wasted beside your grab handles into a functional haven. A MOLLE panel allows for easy attachment of organizers for smaller essentials like flashlights, multi-tools, and first-aid supplies. A mesh pouch keeps them visible and within reach.

  • 4WD Rear Shelf MOLLE Panel: Large cargo areas can become black holes for gear. A custom panel spanning the width of the rear cargo area provides a structured storage solution. Utilise MOLLE pouches of various sizes for recovery straps, snatch blocks, and other bulky items. Smaller pouches can hold shackles, shackles pins, and tow ropes, keeping everything neatly organised. Mount a fire extinguisher within easy reach using MOLLE straps

 Beyond the Vehicle:

  • Camping Kitchen Efficiency: A freestanding MOLLE panel attached to your roof rack transforms into a genius camp kitchen. Hang pouches for spices, utensils, dish cloths, and even a small rubbish bin. Attach a camp stove or cooler shelf for easy access while meal prepping.

Tips for Success:

  • Use a genuine MOLLE Panel: The maverick mounting systems have carefully chosen a MOLLE Pattern to maximise a wide range of options for mounting your custom gear. Be mindful of customers claiming to be MOLLE systems, but they use creative patterns or wide holes to minimise laser cutting times, resulting in a cheaper and less practical product.
  • Material Matters: Consider lightweight aluminum for interior panels. For exterior panels mounted on the roof rack, opt for weatherproof materials like marine-grade aluminum and powdercoat for long-lasting great looks.
  • Matching Pouches: Invest in high-quality MOLLE pouches that are water-resistant and dustproof to protect your gear from the elements.
  • Mounting Options: Depending on the location, choose appropriate mounting hardware like bolts, heavy-duty velcro, or zip ties.




Inspiring Examples:

  • Medical Must-Haves: Dedicate a spot on your MOLLE panel for your first-aid kit. Colour-coded pouches can hold specific supplies (bandages, medications, insect repellent) for quick identification and retrieval in an emergency. Mount a snake bite kit for easy access.

  • Sun Safety on the Go: Australian sun protection is essential. A small MOLLE panel near the driver’s seat can hold a sunscreen pouch, aloe vera gel, and insect-repellent wipes, keeping you protected throughout your adventure.

  • Power Up Your Ride: Going off-grid? Use straps or bolts to mount a 12-volt power box to your MOLLE panel. Connect USB chargers or a portable fridge for added convenience.

By thinking outside the box, custom MOLLE panels can transform your 4WD into a space optimised for functionality and preparedness. No matter your adventure, a well-designed MOLLE panel system keeps your essential gear organised, accessible, and ready to conquer any challenge the outback throws your way.

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