Get the “Truth” behind Roo Systems

 The team behind Roo Systems are passionate about getting your 4×4 diesel performance upgrade right the first time, taking the time to load the best custom diesel tune with the right exhaust, to ensure the best result.

The R&D team designing the ROO custom diesel chip and ECU remap (flash tune) have researched all available tuning products world-wide and we know we have got the best possible packages for your 4WD.

Roo Systems 3″ exhaust system, developed in-house after years of rigorous testing , modifying and upgrading, have been proven to outperform many aftermarket 2.5″ systems allowing the kit to get more out of your diesel 4WD than ever before.

The ROO custom tunes programmed into our chip/remap packages, combined with the Roo Systems exhaust systems, have proven consistently to increase performance above and beyond other systems in the market for all 4WDs in the market today.

Meet the magic behind Roo Systems.

Roo Systems has been 19 years in the making with careful consideration in selecting who partners with our business. Roo System’s is the brain child of Glen Hadden from AMMS in Brisbane, who has combined his many years of diesel knowledge with highly skilled staff, expert 4X4 chip manufacturers and cutting edge ECU programmers to achieve the best diesel performance upgrade packages available in the market today.

Included in the ROO team are notable mechanical and technical specialists Wayne Daniels and Glen Ebert with a combined experience of over 40 years in dyno & performance motorsport tuning, these guys head up the Roo Systems research and development for both chip and ECU remapping products. Glen Hadden handpicks his staff to develop the best performance packages because he understands first-hand the demanding quality and performance needs of the 4WD diesel upgrade industry.

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Taking it to the Test RLCS

Our research and development team is influenced by feedback from our customers and from our real life case studies.
We firmly believe products for the Australian market should be tested in Australia, by Australians in every day driving conditions. Ask your supplier about their real life case studies before making your purchasing decision.

The Roo System can be described in two parts, The Brain (Roo System Chip/ECU Remap) and the Lungs (Exhaust package), when these two parts combine you get the best product to power-up your 4WD safely and efficiently.

Roo Exhaust Systems – The Lungs

Roo Systems believe in combining the right chip, custom tuned to the right exhaust. The Team at Roo Systems have put suppliers to the test to choose the best exhaust combinations on the market for 4WDs today. (

We have 2 Systems for the discerning customer to choose from.

  1. 3″ Mandrel Bent Exhaust 409 Stainless Steel
  2. HPC Coated 3″ Mandrel Bent Exhaust

Aluminized Steel vs. 409 Stainless Steel

Roo Systems now offer a DIY “ready to fit” 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust.Specially crafted for easy fitment without the need of a vehicle hoist.

Both aluminized steel and 409 stainless steel are excellent products for automotive exhaust applications. Both offer excellent heat and corrosion resistance and both can be easily welded.

“Aluminized steel is steel that has been hot-dip coated with an aluminium-silicon alloy. It offers more corrosion resistance than galvanized steel and is more heat resistant than cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel.”

409 is a titanium stabilized ferritic stainless steel which means that it is a steel alloy containing chromium. Ferritics are best suited for high temperature applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength. The principal use of 409 stainless steel is automotive exhaust systems and most catalytic converter shells are made of 409.

More workable and stable than 304 stainless, 409 will accept bending
and heat cycling better than 304. It resists both atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion. It is magnetic due to its higher carbon content. Through chemical reaction, it oxidizes to a slight brownish hue which aids in corrosion resistance. While it does not give the shining highly polished finish of 304, it offers the advantages of higher strength, lower cost and longer life due to its heat handling qualities.

“When going stainless, be sure to ask for 409 Stainless for your exhaust system to get the best combination of both long life, corrosion and heat resistance.”

Roo Systems 409 Stainless exhaust systems are focused on an easy fit philosophy. Specially designed in smaller lengths with welded bolts and flanged at every joint, they are ideal for the DIY market. Don’t break your back with exhaust systems designed for the trade market. Get the systems designed with your convenience in mind.

An Australian First to the Market, Roo Systems now offer “Trade quality fit” HPC coated Aluminised steel Exhaust systems
What is HPC? In 1982 HPC revolutionised the exhaust industry by introducing space-age coatings to the motorsports industry.

Using coatings that were previously only available to the aerospace industry, HPC created a niche market for protective and thermal barrier coating in racing and street rodding. In the years since, HPC has developed numerous coatings for a wide range of applications.

Used widely in trade workshops, original equipment and aftermarket exhaust systems, aluminized steel is used by most muffler shops. This Trade fit product, is a very long-life product and will generally outlast steel mufflers by years. It is very workable and accepts bends without stressing.
Now this combined technology of HPC with Aluminised steel is available for your 4×4. Ceramic coatings keep the corrosion at bay while trapping the heat inside the exhaust systems keeping the gasses hot though out the entire system. This limits the tailpipe exhaust gases from cooling down resulting in faster exhaust flow through our 3” systems than with a standard exhaust system.

This increases the efficiency of your engine while protecting the exhaust from corrosion, stone chips and keeping it looking good. In muddy conditions the highly polished surface of the HPC coating helps mud to simply hose off stopping it from causing more damage and keeping you truck looking its best.

Consider the benefits provided in terms of increased component life, performance gains, and durability.

Did you know?

You can also HPC coat 409 stainless for those who appreciate “best of the best” for their 4WD.

What about the Chip?

“Roo Systems believe in combining the right chip, custom tuned to the right exhaust.
The Team at Roo Systems have put manufacturers to the test to choose the best products on the market for the 4X4 industry.”

The Roo System diesel chip is an externally
installed performance product suitable for
all modern diesel engines. Designed to
improve power, torque and efficiency, without compromising (and often improving) fuel economy.

The Roo Systems chip though our Australian tune
programming adjusts timing, injector pulse, fuel delivery and
more. Be wary of other products in the market who simply
ramp up the amount of fuel without adjusting the rest of
system to cope.
In most cases applications will achieve a 7-15% saving on fuel.
It is retro-fit and will not interfere with original equipment or the manufacturers warranties. Installation is usually a swift process of less than 30 minutes. Thanks to Roo Systems, custom diesel tuning is available to increase the performance of all modern diesel vehicles by up to 35%.

“You may appreciate your diesel vehicle for its fuel economy, but you find it a little lacking in power! Or maybe you just want that bit of extra get up and go. Roo Systems combined diesel chip and exhaust is the solution!”

Engine safety should be a contributing factor for any consumer. The Roo Systems chip runs prior to the factory E.C.U. This retains full use of the Factory safety settings to keep your engine from reaching dangerous limits.
Be sure you ask any chip supplier about safety, efficiency and support.

ENQUIRE NOW on a Roo System to suit your vehicle
Feel the substantial increase in power and torque for the amateur or serious performance user.

What is an ECU Remap or ECU Tuning?

ECU(factory computer) tuning refers to the process of replacing the original factory installed map used by the ECU of the vehicle to a custom tuned version.

The process of remapping a vehicle is usually one to two day process (mostly same day), as every tune is customised to each vehicle and not all ECU’s are identical in the same model vehicles.

ECU remapping is a complex and comprehensive procedure to alter a number of key parameters in the vehicle’s ECU including; injection timing, boost control, fuel delivery and torque limiters to name a few. The gains you will experience is a substantial increase in power and torque by up to

40% that develops a much smoother and more responsive driving experience for your 4WD. Another significant benefit you will experience is a fuel saving of up to 20%. All this extra power, torque and economy is achieved while still staying within the factory safety parameters and backed up by our own Roo Systems 5 year warranty.

Roo Systems has been carrying out research and development for the past five years to refine ECU tuning to suit over 30 of the most popular vehicles to suit Australian conditions before launching into market (with many more makes and models to come), so you can be assured that our tunes are at the pinnacle of quality to suit your diesel 4WD.

ECU tuning can be carried out at our Roo Systems head office in Banyo Brisbane or at a selected Roo Systems premium dealer Australia Wide. For more information on what Roo Systems can do to your diesel 4WD call our national sales hotline 1300 305 709.

Why Chip or ECU remap?

During the development of a vehicle, the manufacturer has to compromise in terms of fuel efficiency and power output with important factors such as fuel quality, ambient temperature and air quality. The manufacturer has to assure operating reliability and integrity in a worldwide market which means in most cases the actual engine potential is not reached. Here in Australia our fuel and air quality is of a high standard meaning we can easily unleash the full potential of your vehicle well within the safety settings set by the manufacturer.

Therefore in standard format, the timing, fuel delivery, boost etc. are programmed “on the safe side”. In other words- too conservative.

What Is In A Dyno Graph?
Did you know?
The term horsepower was coined by James Watt (1736-1819), the Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer renowned for his improvements of the steam engine. In the early 1780s, Watt and his partner Matthew Boulton set out to sell their steam engines to the breweries of London, calculating that they would be likely customers because brewing was such an energy- intensive process. In order to convince the breweries of the advantages of the steam engine, Watt needed a method to compare their capabilities relative to horses, the power source they were seeking to replace. The typical brewery horse, attached to a mill that ground the mash for making beer, walked in an endless circle with a 24-foot diameter, pulled with a force of 180 pounds, and traveled at a speed of 180.96 feet per minute. Watt multiplied the speed times the force and came up with 32,580 ft-lbs/minute. That was rounded off to 33,000 ft-lbs/minute, the figure used today.

A healthy human can sustain about 0.1 horsepower, a car can generate several hundred horsepower, while a steam turbine in an electric power plant can produce more than 1.5 million horsepower.

All Dyno graphs should include data for both pre and post runs. On average there are two main points to look for on a graph for any 4WD diesel – Power & Torque.

When comparing dyno graph from different people there are a number of factors to be aware of.

  • Never accept a Dyno graph that does not show you the “legend” on the side and bottom of the graph. Beware of sales material without these points of measurement as they offer no genuine feedback.
  • Ensure the power figures are in the same measurement eg; HP V’s ft-lb, kW vs Nm
  • Always ask for the vehicle details and ensure they are relevant to your exact vehicle.
  • When comparing charts, be aware different Dyno machines can give different measurements. Also always ask the supplier if they use a “weather station” on the dyno to help ensure you get similar results in different climates. Also ensure that the supplier is using a high quality machine.
  • Always ask for an ‘at the wheel’ measurement. This is the true measure of power to the road. Often people quote at and estimate flywheel measurement and this can be highly inaccurate.

As the customer you should always feel comfortable asking the supplier of your chip or ECU remap to provide accurate details so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Roo Systems encourages you to ask questions. We believe in our product and insist that our customers should be well informed so they can make an educated buying decision. Be sure to ask any questions you may have in regards to your system.

  • Q: What Power Gain Can I Expect?
  • A: We average 35% to 40% power increase with our “out of the box” Chip and Exhaust or ECU Remap packages that are fitted with the Roo Systems exhaust kit.
  • Q: Why Is Roo Systems Different To Other Available Chips?
  • A: At Roo Systems we have collected data from over 5000 hours of Dyno testing to get the best custom tune to suit your 4WD, your driving style and our match-tuned exhaust. This gives you the best possible “bolt on kit” available.
  • Q: Will This Increase My Fuel Economy?
  • A: In most cases we see better fuel economy. The extra power and early torque curve of the Roo System chip/ECU remap and exhaust kits gives you more power while using less fuel.
  • Q: I Have Already Installed A New Exhaust?
  • A: We can tune our Chip or ECU remap to suit your current system.
  • Q: Can your exhaust improve my current Chip?
  • A: A free flowing exhaust is a great partnership for any diesel chip product. Roo Systems utilizes a 3″ mandrel bent exhaust system which we can supply to suit any chip.

ENQUIRE NOW on a Roo System to suit your vehicle
Feel the substantial increase in power and torque for the amateur or serious performance user.

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