GGG Review: You’ll love your Ozpig

The Cast Iron Boys showing how easy it is to cook the perfect pizza on a Pig! *Remember to wear gloves if you decide to use a camp oven to cover the pizza (you can also use a wok)*

the Ozpig is a zaney head-turner (it gained its name from its pot-bellied shape); The shipped chimney on the Ozpig is a straight flue in three pieces to make it easy to pack up. It is also easily extended with an optional kick out section to allow you to keep the oz-pig under an awning or cover if required

oz-pig outdoor wood stove, bbq, fire pit and heaterThe Ozpig is often referred to as an Ozpig BBQ; it is very versatile as a cooker in that you can BBQ directly over the flames by swinging the top of the stove round to open it up. A great cook book is  also included with the Ozpig and instruction to use it as a Dutch Oven.

In terms of clean and efficient burn, the Ozpig has a simple grate which lifts the fuel a little off the base; Combustion performance it is significantly more efficient than an open fire.

Lighting your Ozpig – Getting fire into your Belly!

(Please note:  Ensure you can light a fire in the area you are camping. Do not use the Ozpig Cooker and Heater unless fully assembled).

  1. Set up your Ozpig in a level position before starting the fire. (If required, remove ash from belly).
    You will require:
  • Kindling
    Dry firewood cut to small pieces no thicker than 50mm diameter & 280mm long (the size of a can of soft drink)
  • Newspaper or Fire Starters (if required)
  • Matches/lighter
  1. Place loose balls of newspaper into the belly of the unit (if paper and wood appear to be damp, it helps to place a fire starter in each ball of newspaper). Place kindling over newspaper (a “tepee” format is ideal).
  2. Keep the front door wide open and the top plate swiveled to the side whilst lighting the fire.  Placing the Diffuser over the top opening will prevent any cinders escaping.
  3. As the kindling burns, gradually begin to feed in more firewood until you have built a good coal base.
  4. When the fire is well established, (burning well and getting hot) it is time to swivel the hot plate back to the centre position, or place your diffuser on top. It may help to leave a gap at back of the plate to keep the fire strong.
  5. Add wood as required to maintain a flame and a smoke free fire.
  6. At this point, please make sure that everyone in the vicinity is aware that the Ozpig is HOT.

BIG TIP: Never leave the fire unattended, and as with any fire, it is a good idea to have a bucket of water on hand.

jts and ozpig #jtscamping

Maintain smoke free camping

There will always be some smoke when first lighting a fire. Start with kindling and have the Ozpig’s Top Plate and door open. Only add thicker pieces of timber once you have a good bed of flames. Once the fire is established, close the top plate or replace with the diffuser.
The Ozpig chamber is designed to be compact, therefore the small inner chamber requires ventilation to keep the fire burning.  Keep the door open to varying degree’s to prevent the fire from smoking and going out due to lack of oxygen.  Alternatively, our Vented Door can be purchased from our accessories range to maintain the perfect balance of airflow and heat.


Get more out your cooking:

Cooking directly over the flame:

Add a larger frying pan over the fire to provide a greater cooking surface for that big Breakfast of grilled tomato, bacon and eggs
A wok can be used over the flames for deep-frying battered fish or crumbed chicken along with a tasty stir-fry.
The warming plate can be used for either slow cooking or for keeping cooked food hot for long periods
A hearty end for any big day is easily prepared in a camp oven (casserole with vegetables, or a curry & rice).

Cooking with a Diffuser (available for purchase):

Placed over the top of the unit the diffuser helps to contain the flame beneath.
It offers adjustable heating temperatures to control cooking beneath pots and pans, such as reducing your camp oven to a simmer.
The diffuser is excellent for toasting bread, muffins and crumpets.

Camp Oven Cooking:

Make sure your Camp Oven is always in direct contact with the side of the Ozpig whilst on the warming plate and rotate it regularly to ensure even and gentle cooking continues.

Pizza Making Tip:

Heat the barbecue plate using heat beads over a steady flame or bed of hot coals. Use baking paper (cut to suit the barbecue plate), spray lightly with cooking oil and place your dough and toppings on top. Place an upside down wok over your pizza to cook it through.


Packing your Ozpig away

Remove the hot ash/coals safely.
IMPORTANT: Ensure your Ozpig is cool before packing away for transport or storage.

Care and Maintenance

Prolong the life of your Ozpig by following some simple steps:

  • Regularly coat the outside of the chamber to prevent light surface rust (if your unit is outdoors for extended periods). Also, it is advised to regularly coat all chimney parts with oil and a soft cloth or paper toweling. Do this whilst the unit is still warm (not hot).
  • Ensure your Ozpig is covered if left outdoors, making sure the unit is cold before doing so. Our website showcases a custom cover for purchase if required.
  • If light rust does appear, this can easily be removed by scrubbing with a wire brush and lightly sanding the unit with sandpaper. Wipe clean and repaint with Pot Belly Black.
  • Caution: Using abrasive cleaners on the Ozpig will damage the finish.
  • Regularly remove ash build from up under the internal fire grate before lighting the Ozpig.

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