iPad Windscreen cradle for Lifeproof NUUD

Ram Mounts from the USA have taken iPad mounting systems to a new level.

Now I have had the Ram Mount x-Grip (feature here: https://getgoodgear.com.au/ram-mounts-gadgets-on-the-go/ ) for well over twelve months and it has taken a serious hiding.

To keep my iPad in great condition and to make it Eli (my 18 month old son) proof I have recently invested in a great product from Lifeproof called the Life Proof Nuud iPad case. Now the standard X-Grip holder did a fine job with the life proof case but it was it limit due to the increased size and weight.

Ram Mounts have now answered this the the Life Proof specific cradle. This is a fantastic addition to the life Ram Mounts range. Check it out for your self if you get the chance.

RAM Universal Spring Loaded Clamping Cradle for the Apple iPad with LifeProof & Lifedge Cases.

The Tab-Tite™ cradle is compatible with any tablet that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your tablet when determining the overall size.

Cradle Dimensions:
Height: 8.75″ minimum to 10.75″ maximum
Width: maximum to 8.25″
Depth: maximum to 1.1″

1. Support cups contain open slots to accommodate for tablets of various sizes
2. Back plate can support various size support cups
3. Spring loaded tension provides secure support for your tablet
4. Spring loaded cradle allows for quick release of your tablet
5. High strength materials maximize longevity of cradle
6. Full access to all ports
7. Lifetime warranty

High Strength Composite


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