LED Light Bar Comparison

LED Light Bar comparison round 2

One of the key things we picked up during this comparison is the massive difference between light bars. Certainly not all bars are created equal, and while most of us want to label a “winner” the real fact is every bar had a strength in a different area.

Depending on whether you are chasing distance, spread or low speed off road light, the team at Get Good Gear hope this article helps you to consider the whole package when choosing the right light bar for you.

The light bars in this comparison were:

LED Light Bar Distance:

Distance or range seems to be the hot topic when it comes to light bars. When it comes to outright distance there was a clear leader with the Sniper SLR led light bar.

Holding a Solid 2 Lux of light to over 300 metres (1 Lux to over 500 mtrs), The Sniper 20″ LED light bar is certainly the best light bar for anyone who wants to replace traditional long distance spot lights.

LED Light Bar Distance : “Runners Up”:

  • Second for overall distance was the Stealth light bar, Holding 2 Lux of light up to 235 metres
  • Third for overall distance was the Great White led light bar, Holding 2 Lux of light up to 200 metres
  • Forth for overall distance was the Powerfull 4×4 light bar, Holding 2 Lux of light up to 135 metres
  • Fifth for overall distance was the Ignite LED Light Bar at 100 metre

It is important here to remember that outright distance is not the whole story for the LED light bar market. Those chasing more than just outright distance need to consider the midrange fill or “volume” of light as well.

LED Light Bar Mid Range Spread :

At 100 kph you are travelling at 28 mtrs per second, The average reaction time of a driver ranges from 2-4 Seconds. (This includes recognising any potential threat through to engaging in corrective action)

At worst case scenario of 4 Seconds your vehicle at 100 kph would travel 112 meters. With this in mind many would consider the critical zone for night vision to be 120 – 250 meters.

In this field of depth there were 2  performer’s. The stealth bar at 235 metres and the Great White at 200. Although the stealth achieved a greater distance in the midrange, The Great White achieved the strongest volume or flood of light in the midrange field.

The product of a light pattern designed to sacrifice a few meters in distance the Great White held 2 lux for a broader and more defined pattern than any other light bar in the mid range. It is clear this attention to the light pattern is why the Great White light bar is one of the leading LED Light Bar manufacturers to the transport industry in Australia.

Both the Baja Designs Stealth and the Great Whites are strong performers in this category.

LED Light Bar Mid Range Spread : “Runners Up”:

  • Third for mid range spread was the Sniper LED light bar, Although providing good mid range cover some spread was sacrificed to achieve the impressive distance of the Sniper LED Light bar.
  • Both Ignite and Powerful performed best in the G Series below

LED Light Bar Offroad Spread ( G series ):

The Ignite and Powerful light bars both out performed all the competition in this category. Although lacking in distance ( Holding 2 Lux to only 150 meters ) Both these bars would be ideal for either low speed off road work or as a strong companion to a set of long distance HID’s.

Out of the two bars the Ignite LED bar created an extreme flood of light creating both the largest spread and height of the bars tested whilst throwing very smooth and bright light pattern.

LED Light Bar Offroad Spread : “Runners Up”:

  • The wide cornering lenses of the Stealth light bar gave it an edge against the other 2 long distance bars.
  • The Great White LED light bar came in third, of note the Great Whites performed the strongest from 100 metres through to 200
  • Sniper LED had the must LUX at 150 meters in a more concentrated beam.

 So lets sum up it for the LUX category:

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    • Great white light bars were the king pins in light bars in 2013, but now i will put the new “ROAD WARRIOR” light bars as the best bars in 2014. The Great Whites are on 5 watt LED’s compared to the Road Warriors 10 watt LED’s. I personally upgraded from the Great White 18 led bar to the Road warrior 240 watt double bar and the difference was very noticeable.

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