db_file_img_540_800x600After the successful launch of the new REDARC gauge product range, REDARC are now offering a range of dual battery chargers and 52mm dual voltage gauge value packs. The value packs allow the monitoring of charging performance of a dual battery setup and offers peace of mind when using electrical appliances and enjoying an ‘off the grid’ camping lifestyle.

The value packs come with a REDARC dual voltage gauge and either a Smart Start Battery Isolator or a BCDC In-vehicle Battery Charger, in total 8 variation will be available.

As an innovator in the power management market, REDARC has long been known for its Smart Start Battery Isolator and award winning BCDC In-vehicle Battery Charger product range.

[pullquote cite=”Ben Marsh, National Sales and Marketing Manager.” type=”left, right”]“The release of these value packs is in response to the growing recreational and leisure marketplace, consumers want to observe and manage their auxiliary power source when they’re out camping, Each value pack offers a complete power management and monitoring solution designed to meet the demands of 4WD, caravan, recreational and commercial vehicles”[/pullquote]

The REDARC Smart Start Battery Isolator is a microprocessor controlled battery isolator designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system.

REDARC BCDC In-vehicle Battery Chargers feature technology designed to fully charge a lead acid auxiliary battery with a unique three stage charging profile.

The REDARC dual voltage gauge has two programmable alert backlight colours with audible beep to warn of low and high voltage and supports an optional 100amp rated Hall Effect current sensor that monitors the amount of current to or from the main or auxiliary battery.

The value pack range includes:

  • an SBI12 with Dual Voltage gauge,
  • SBI12 wiring kit with Dual Voltage gauge,
  • BCDC1220 with Dual Voltage gauge,
  • BCDC1225 with Dual Voltage gauge
  • BCDC1240 with Dual Voltage gauge.

If visual monitoring of a 12V dual battery setup is required, the value packs offer a savings of around 10% off the RRP compared to buying the products individually.

[blockquote cite=”” type=”left, center, right”]For more information, call 1300 377 128[/blockquote]

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